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Are you interested in making a grand start with your kitchen? Renovating it into a neat piece of work with innovative appliances is indeed a challenging task. Because we all have our own whims that we prefer to go by, finding the most innovative is not just enough. Renovating a kitchen in that sense is not just complete furnishing with every appliance, it is about creating an inspired realm of cooking. And so find that style and inspiration, best way to embrace the beauty of cooking in all senses. Here are list of exceptional cooktops; efficiently powerful and in design, gorgeous and sleek.

Bosch NIT 3065UC Induction Cooktop


Talk of sleek perfection, this Bosch induction is the one induction cooktop I can bring up spontaneously. The irresistible design combined with its revolutionizing technology makes it one of the top class cooktops. It is no longer the generation of open flames and these sleek induction cooktops have proved to be safer and indeed in a much more stylish way.

This Bosch cooktop is new, and yet, the look is classic. With the new technology, this induction cooktop has impressive functionality and astonishing temperature precision. This one is Bosch bringing real sleekness and style to the realm of the kitchen. Equipped with heat sensors and in built timers, cooking experience is simply seamless smooth and safe.

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GE PHP900 DMBB Profile Induction Cooktop


Induction cooktops are indeed the most innovative revolution both in art and technology of cooktops. When it comes to induction cooktops, the trend setters are most probably GE. Gorgeously sleek and smooth, this GE cooktop is a well designed perfection. The precision of temperature as well as the pan sensors work amazingly well, commendable indeed.

With this GE, a cook will hit upon one of those inspired kitchens. A professional kitchen better be equipped with as much perfection and refinement as this one. With electronic touch controls and multiple burners, this is the kind of efficiency you will need to upgrade to.

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Frigidaire FGGC3065KS 30″ Gas Cooktop (Ceramic Glass Top)


Ceramics are one of the most beautiful kitchen furnishings we can find. This ceramic cooktop does add a homely and yet fashionable edge to a kitchen. With continuous grates, the cooktop is sturdier than what you probably imagine it to be.

Smooth and sleek to the touch, this Frigidaire cooktop could well be one of the coolest home appliances adding a fabulous twist if you are someone who have opted for the sleek modern home décor. It interestingly combines comfort, art and style into your kitchen.

The GE JGP940SEKSS Profile 30″ & the GE CGP650SETSS Café 36” sealed Gas Burner Cooktop


With stainless steel finish, these cooktops are a couple that looks stunningly grand and sturdy. Besides allowing good distribution of flame on the cookware, their shapely grates only add to the stylish look.

Best when fitted snugly into the countertop surface, these cooktops refine your kitchen appearance with its polished look. Note that cleaning these cooktop are among the easiest because you can stash the cooktop with other wares into the dishwasher and get it sparkling clean; the burner being sealed and therefore free from leakages as well as sturdy knobs is safe from damages.

With exceptional cooking ability, these cooktop can easily be claimed as one of the most attractive gas cooktops. The five burner elements allow diverse cooking with the added advantage of non-stick iron griddles that do not have grease and grime sticking to it even after long hours of cooking.

Whirlpool W5CE3024XB 30” Smooth Black Electric Cooktop


More than its attractive features, it has very appealing appearance. Made of high temperature resistant glass called Scott Ceran, the cooktop has a very commercial appearance with rich features coupled by low energy consumption, something that comes only with high end quality.

Don’t be surprised when you beget friends to envy your kitchen because of your cooktop. This cooktop, I tell you, does have a smooth and sleek surface, the sheen of which you can easily maintain using liquid cleansers.

Rooting in my interest for innovative cooking, I love multiple burners as it allows me diverse cooking of various dishes simultaneously. Even cooking up a single dish is far more effective on multiple burners such s this. Not just fabulous looking, but also a fabulous cooking experience, which makes me rate it among the most beautiful cooktops I know.

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