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In the heart of your kitchen, the glass top stove stands as a sleek and modern marvel of culinary technology. Its smooth surface and radiant glow not only elevate the aesthetics of your cooking space but also offer unparalleled cooking precision. However, as every kitchen enthusiast knows, this pristine glass surface can be quite delicate and susceptible to scratches, stains, and even cracks. That’s where the unsung hero of your kitchen comes into play—the best cover for glass top stove.

In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the world of the best cover for glass top stove, exploring the top options available to protect and enhance your prized cooking appliance. From stylish and transparent protectors that showcase your stove’s beauty to heavy-duty covers that safeguard against spills and mishaps, we’ll explore a wide range of options to suit every kitchen’s needs and style. So, let’s begin our journey to uncover the best cover for glass top stove, ensuring your kitchen remains both functional and visually stunning for years to come.

Top Picks:

SLProduct Name
1.Meliusly® Stove Top Covers for Electric Stove (20.5×28.5)Buy on Amazon
2.FLASLD Fireproof and Waterproof Stove Top Covers, 21×29.5 inchBuy on Amazon
3.KEYFIVE Silicone Stove Top Cover for Electric Stove, 28 * 20 inchesBuy on Amazon
4.Larsic Stove Cover – Protects Electric Stove Washer Dryer TopBuy on Amazon
5.Cowbright Quilted Stove Top Cover Stove Protector For Glass And Ceramic StovesBuy on Amazon

5 Best Cover for Glass Top Stove Reviews -2023

1. Meliusly® Stove Top Covers for Electric Stove (20.5×28.5)

Meliusly® Stove Top Covers for Electric Stove (20.5×28.5) are the ideal choice for anyone looking to protect and enhance their glass top stove. These versatile, heat-resistant, and easy-to-store covers not only provide peace of mind but also streamline your kitchen routines. Upgrade your cooking experience and maintain the beauty of your electric stove with Meliusly® Stove Top Covers.

Key Features:

1. Size and Versatility (20.5×28.5):

Meliusly® Stove Top Covers are meticulously crafted to fit electric stoves with dimensions of 20.5×28.5 inches. This precise sizing ensures a snug and secure fit, covering the entire cooking surface of your electric stove. Whether you have a flat-top oven or ceramic glass cooktop, these covers have got you covered.

2. Heat Resistance (Top side up to 400°F, bottom side up to 200°F):

One of the standout features of these glass stove top protectors is their impressive heat resistance. The top side of the cover can withstand temperatures of up to 400°F, providing reliable protection against hot pots, pans, and cookware. The bottom side remains heat-resistant up to 200°F, making it safe for use on your electric stove.

3. Anti-Slip Design:

Meliusly® Stove Top Covers are equipped with an anti-slip surface that ensures they stay securely in place on your electric stove. This feature enhances safety during cooking, preventing accidental slips or movements that could lead to spills or mishaps.

4. Easy to Store:

Efficiency meets convenience with these stove top covers. After use, simply fold, roll, or hang them using the included hooks for hassle-free storage. Their compact design allows you to save valuable kitchen space while keeping your cooking area organized and tidy.

5. Easy Maintenance:

Cleaning up after cooking has never been easier. Meliusly® Stove Top Covers can be effortlessly cleaned by hand or, for added convenience, placed in the dishwasher. Say goodbye to the tedious task of scrubbing and enjoy more time doing what you love in the kitchen.

2. FLASLD Fireproof and Waterproof Stove Top Covers, 21×29.5 inch

FLASLD Fireproof and Waterproof Stove Top Covers are the epitome of kitchen protection and convenience. Their exceptional heat resistance, additional workspace, safety features, and easy maintenance make them a must-have for anyone seeking to enhance their cooking experience while safeguarding their glass top stove and countertops. Upgrade your kitchen with FLASLD Stove Top Covers today.

Key Features:

1. Impressive Heat Resistance (Up to 550℃/1022℉):

The FLASLD Stove Top Covers are engineered to withstand extreme heat, with a remarkable resistance of up to 550℃/1022℉. This level of heat resistance allows you to place these covers on a cooktop that’s been turned off but is still hot, safeguarding your glass cooktop and countertops effectively.

2. Additional Workspace:

These stove top covers are not just protectors; they also offer an invaluable extension of your kitchen workspace. Whether you need extra room to prepare meals or engage in various culinary activities, these covers provide the solution, making cooking more efficient and enjoyable.

3. Anti-Slip Coating:

Safety in the kitchen is paramount, and the FLASLD Stove Top Covers have you covered. They feature an anti-slip coating that keeps the covers securely in place while you’re using them. This ensures that pots, pans, and utensils stay steady, reducing the risk of accidents during cooking.

4. Easy to Store and Flexible:

When not in use, these covers can be effortlessly folded for storage. Their flexibility makes them easy to tuck away in a drawer or hang on a hook. This space-saving design allows you to maintain an organized and clutter-free kitchen.

5. Waterproof and Dirt-Resistant:

Spills and messes are inevitable in the kitchen, but the FLASLD Stove Top Covers have you covered in this regard as well. They are waterproof and dirt-resistant, making cleanup a breeze. Simply wipe the covers with a damp cloth or toss them in the dishwasher for hassle-free maintenance.

3. KEYFIVE Silicone Stove Top Cover for Electric Stove, 28 * 20 inches

The KEYFIVE Silicone Stove Top Cover is a remarkable kitchen accessory designed to elevate your cooking experience while providing exceptional protection for your electric stove and kitchen countertops. Measuring a generous 28 by 20 inches, this extra-large silicone dish drying mat is a versatile addition to any kitchen, offering a range of features that go beyond its size.

Key Features:

1. Heat Resistance (Up to 450°F):

A standout feature of the KEYFIVE Silicone Stove Top Cover is its exceptional heat resistance, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 450°F. This heat resistance allows you to confidently place hot pots and pans on the cover, protecting your glass top stove while also serving as a convenient resting place for your cookware.

2. Wide Raised Ridges for Protection:

The cover’s wide, raised ridges serve a dual purpose. First, they create a protective barrier between hot pots and your kitchen surfaces, preventing scalding and potential damage. Second, these ridges enhance air circulation and ventilation, promoting a healthier cooking environment and helping to keep your kitchen surfaces cool.

3. Catch Drips and Spills:

The unique design of the KEYFIVE Silicone Stove Top Cover includes wide raised line ridges that effectively catch drips and spills from dishes, glasses, fruits, vegetables, and more. This feature not only prevents messes on your countertops but also simplifies cleanup, saving you time and effort.

4. High Edges and Waterproof Bottom:

The cover’s high edges and waterproof bottom ensure that your countertop remains dry and clean even during the messiest cooking endeavors. Whether it’s accidental spills or condensation from hot cookware, this cover has you covered, preserving the pristine condition of your kitchen surfaces.

4. Larsic Stove Cover – Protects Electric Stove Washer Dryer Top

The Larsic Stove Cover is a high-quality, premium-grade appliance accessory designed to transform your kitchen’s functionality and aesthetics. Expertly crafted and thoughtfully engineered, this stove cover offers a blend of practicality and visual appeal, making it an essential addition to any kitchen.

Key Features:

1. Protects Electric Stove and Washer Dryer Tops:

This versatile stove cover not only safeguards your electric stove but also serves as an effective protective shield for your washer and dryer tops. It prevents potential damage, dirt buildup, and unsightly marks, ensuring your appliances remain in pristine condition.

2. Anti-Slip Coating:

Safety is paramount in the kitchen, and the Larsic Stove Cover takes it seriously. It features an anti-slip coating that ensures the cover stays securely in place on your stovetop or washer dryer top. You can cook and perform other kitchen tasks with confidence, knowing that your workspace is stable.

3. Waterproof and Foldable Design:

Spills and messes are inevitable in any kitchen. The Larsic Stove Cover’s waterproof properties make cleaning a breeze. Simply wipe away spills or stains, maintaining a clean and hygienic cooking environment. Additionally, its foldable design allows for easy storage when not in use, making it a practical choice for kitchens of all sizes.

4. Expands Usable Space:

One of the standout features of this stove cover is its ability to expand your usable kitchen space. Whether you need extra room for meal preparation or simply want more countertop space for various culinary activities, the Larsic Stove Cover provides the solution, enhancing your kitchen’s functionality.

5. Premium-Grade Craftsmanship:

The Larsic Stove Cover is expertly crafted with premium-grade materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability. Its elegant design not only protects your appliances but also enhances their overall appearance, adding a touch of style to your kitchen.

5. Cowbright Quilted Stove Top Cover Stove Protector For Glass And Ceramic Stoves

The Cowbright Quilted Stove Top Cover is a delightful and functional addition to your kitchen that offers an attractive solution to protect your glass or ceramic stove tops. Handcrafted with care and designed with your kitchen’s cleanliness and style in mind, this glass top cover provides both practicality and aesthetics.

Key Features:

1. Comprehensive Stove Protection:

This Quilted Stove Top Cover is your shield against dust, scratches, stains, and unsightly marks. It completely covers your stove top, ensuring that your glass or ceramic surface remains free from damage while enhancing its longevity.

2. Premium Craftsmanship:

The Cowbright Quilted Stove Top Cover is not just functional but also beautifully made. Crafted from two layers of doubled-faced quilted 100% cotton fabric, it boasts a top and bottom layer of double-faced quilted fabric, ensuring durability and an elegant appearance.

3. Extra Workspace:

Give yourself an additional work surface for meal preparation and other kitchen activities. The Quilted Stove Top Cover offers you more room to work, making cooking more convenient and efficient.

4. Cat-Friendly:

For pet owners, this cover has an added benefit. It prevents cats or other pets from inadvertently messing with your stove top, offering peace of mind for those with curious pets in the household.

5. Ideal Size:

With dimensions of 20 1/2 inches by 28 1/2 inches, this glass cooktop cover is designed to fit traditional-sized glass stove tops, cooktops, and oven ranges. It’s just the right size for most stoves, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

6. Heat Resistant:

While it’s heat-resistant up to 200°F, the Quilted Stove Top Cover also doubles as a casserole hot pad. This versatility allows you to use it for various kitchen needs, making it a multifunctional addition to your culinary space.

Best Cover for Glass Top Stove Buying Guide

When it comes to protecting your glass top stove from scratches, spills, and everyday wear and tear, a high-quality stove cover is an essential kitchen accessory. Not only does it safeguard your stove’s surface, but it can also add aesthetic value to your kitchen. However, with a plethora of options available, choosing the best cover can be a daunting task. In this comprehensive buying guide, we’ll walk you through the key factors to consider when purchasing a cover for your glass top stove. From size and material to heat resistance and aesthetics, we’ll provide detailed insights to help you make an informed decision.

Size and Compatibility

Measure Twice, Buy Once: Before delving into the world of stove covers, start by measuring your glass top stove’s dimensions accurately. A properly fitting cover should extend over the entire stove surface, ensuring complete protection. Additionally, check for compatibility with your specific stove model to prevent any unforeseen fit issues.


Choose Wisely for Durability: Stove covers are crafted from various materials, each with its own set of advantages. Options include tempered glass, stainless steel, and heat-resistant silicone. Your choice should not only align with your kitchen’s aesthetics but also provide the desired level of protection and durability.

Heat Resistance

Keeping Cool Under Pressure: Glass top stoves generate significant heat during cooking. To prevent warping, cracking, or discoloration of your cover, opt for one explicitly designed to withstand high temperatures. Ensuring that your chosen cover can handle the heat is paramount to its longevity.


Balance Thickness with Practicality: While thicker covers tend to be more robust and heat-resistant, they can also be heavier and bulkier. Consider a thickness that strikes the right balance between durability and ease of handling and storage.

Handles and Knobs

Enhancing Convenience: Some stove covers come equipped with handles or knobs, simplifying the process of lifting and removing them when needed. However, make sure that these handles and knobs are heat-resistant and designed to stay cool to the touch for safety.

Non-Slip Feet or Grips

Steady and Secure: To avoid the cover slipping or sliding on your glass top stove, look for models equipped with non-slip feet or grips. This feature not only enhances safety during cooking but also provides stability.

Easy to Clean

Simplify Maintenance: Kitchen appliances and accessories are prone to spills and stains. To ease the cleaning process, consider a stove cover that is dishwasher safe or features a surface that’s easy to wipe clean.


Beyond Protection: Some stove covers offer versatility by doubling as cutting boards or serving trays. If you value multifunctionality in your kitchen accessories, explore covers with these additional features.


Complement Your Kitchen: Your stove cover’s appearance should harmonize with your kitchen’s decor. With a variety of styles and finishes available, choose one that complements your kitchen’s overall look and feel.

Reviews and Ratings

Learn from Others’ Experiences: Before making a final decision, take advantage of customer reviews and ratings available online. These insights from real users can provide valuable information about a cover’s performance, durability, and overall satisfaction.

Types of Glass Top Stove Protector

Glass top stove protectors come in various types, each offering unique features and benefits to safeguard your glass cooktop. Here are some common types of glass top stove protectors:

1. Glass Stove Top Covers

Tempered Protection: Glass stove top covers are precision-cut to match the dimensions of your glass cooktop. They are typically crafted from tempered glass, known for its high durability and heat resistance. These covers offer robust protection against spills, stains, and scratches, effectively safeguarding your glass top stove while also serving as an additional workspace in your kitchen.

2. Stainless Steel Stove Top Covers

Durable Defenders: Stainless steel stove top covers are renowned for their resilience and heat resistance. These covers act as a rugged shield for your glass top stove, shielding it from the wear and tear caused by cookware. They not only protect your stove’s surface but also add a sleek and modern aesthetic to your kitchen.

3. Silicone Stove Top Protectors

Flexible and Heat-Resistant: Silicone stove top protectors are both heat-resistant and flexible. They can be placed directly on the glass top to create a protective barrier. Some silicone protectors feature raised ridges, enhancing airflow and preventing heat-related damage. Their flexibility makes them easy to clean and store when not in use.

4. Stove Liners

Spill Catchers: Stove liners are designed to fit precisely over the burners of your glass top stove. They serve as catchment trays, capturing spills, overflows, and boil-overs before they can reach the glass surface. Typically crafted from non-stick materials, these liners simplify cleanup and maintenance.

5. Foam Stove Gap Fillers

Seal the Gap: Foam stove gap fillers are designed to fill the often hard-to-reach gaps between your glass top stove and countertops. They effectively prevent crumbs, spills, and debris from falling into these crevices, making cleaning a breeze. These gap fillers come in strips and can be easily trimmed to fit your stove’s dimensions.

6. Gas Range Protectors

Universal Spill Guards: While not exclusive to glass top stoves, gas range protectors can be placed under your cookware to catch spills and prevent direct contact with the glass surface. These protectors are typically made from non-stick materials and are easily removable for cleaning.

7. Stove Knob Covers

Control Protection: Stove knob covers are designed to safeguard the control knobs on your glass top stove. Crafted from heat-resistant materials, they prevent accidental activation of the burners, especially important if you have young children or pets in the household.

8. Stove Top Cutting Boards

Multifunctional Workspaces: Stove top cutting boards serve a dual purpose, providing a heat-resistant surface for chopping and food preparation while protecting your glass top stove from scratches and damage. They are convenient additions to any kitchen.

9. Stove Top Grill Mats

Indoor Grilling Innovation: Stove top grill mats are designed to replicate the grilling experience on your glass top stove. They shield the glass surface from direct contact with grilling pans while allowing you to enjoy indoor grilling without compromising on flavor or convenience.

10. Stove Top Cover and Protector Sets

Comprehensive Protection: Stove top cover and protector sets often include a combination of various protective elements such as glass covers, stove liners, knob protectors, and more. These comprehensive sets provide all-around defense for your glass top stove, ensuring complete protection and convenience.

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