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Seagulls are very smart, sharp and beautiful seabirds that attract people early. They have different characters from others. Have personal noisy colonies and densely packed nest that is larger than another seabird’s nest. Have different look and taste to eat. It’s an amazing seabird and some unique that you can’t find easily everywhere.

Now, the topic is about edible ability of seagull’s eggs. So, I can say its edible but it contains some harmful thing that can affect badly in our body. That’s why its not suggestable for human being.

Seagulls Eggs:

Seagulls are edible, its just like chicken eggs. Upper side looks like dark olive with dark splotches scrawl marking or dark tan to brown. This egg laid from May beginning and a clutch usually forms of three eggs. Eggs take three weeks to hatch and their chicks generally seen in June.

Seagulls chicks looks so cute but they hide them from other for safety until they grow up. And they grow up quickly. However, seagulls’ eggs are larger than chicken eggs. Its taste is fishy that is quite different. And its yolks colour also different from chicken eggs.

Seagulls Eggs

Can you consume seagull’s eggs?

Yes, seagull’s meats and eggs are consumable. People can eat them as other birds’ eggs and meats. But before consume it should cook properly.

After several research, health specialist proved that seagull’s meat and egg contain some awful element that really harmful for our health. That’s reason most of the people avoid seagull’s eggs and meats to eat. At present time, some rich restaurant’s keep seagull’s egg for customer demands.

Can you consume seagull’s eggs

How do you eat seagull’s eggs?

You could eat seagull in a same way that you apply for other birds or chicken eggs. It’s not difficult to eat. But remember should boiled in a perfect way.

However, firstly boil this egg for at least 10-20 minutes according the taste you want. After boiling, cut that into half and serve them on a flatbread with pepper, salt and melted butter on top. Especially people use that way to enjoy their evening snacks. On the other hand, you can enjoy seagull with salads or vegetables. That would bring amazing taste.

How do you eat seagull’s eggs

What’s the taste of seagull’s egg?

Seagull’s eggs look and taste are different from other.  It’s yolk taste almost like chicken eggs but colour is different. Its yolk colour is rich deep orange or almost red. This egg size is also large than other seabirds.

After eating, people replied that its taste some fishy that can easily differentiate by others. But Steve gives different opinion, says that it has same taste like chicken eggs. So, its actual taste is quite difficult to define.

What’s the taste of seagull’s egg

Place where you would find seagulls and its eggs:

You can find seagulls along coastal areas all around the world. North and South America, Europe, the Caribbean, Australia and even Islands around Antarctica.

It’s an amazing bird and have worldwide universal distribution. On every continent they grow their housing. The margin of Antarctica is also including with that.

But all continent is not good to live with peace. That’s why some continent has less seagull’s presence. Such as tropical Island. Galapagos, New Caledonia are such island there a few spices of seagulls can live.

Where you found seagulls as simple as that you found seagulls eggs there. Its collecting way is so much difficult. Now, people have some facilities. Seagulls also sell in online shop that is a great opportunity for hungry punters.

where you would find seagulls and its eggs

Is it legal to eat seagull’s egg?

Yes, it’s legal. Although health specialist not suggest to eat this egg because of its bad effect after eating.

Now, to feed hungry punters some high classic restaurant bought seagulls every year to posh their restaurant. Even it harvested legally right now. Also used in London’s discerning dinner.

Is it legal to eat seagull’s egg

Destruction of seagull’s eggs is against low:

According to Wildlife and Country side Act 1981, all UK birds, nest and their eggs should be protected. That why anyone can’t destroy them at all.

Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 is against to pursue, kill, hunt or sell seagull and its eggs as well. So, everyone should follow the rules that would helps to protect natural beauty.

Difference between seagulls and gulls:

All species of gulls are the member of Laridae family and they are closely related to each other. Untrained eyes can’t find difference between two species easily.

Gulls, they only live-in coastal areas is called seagulls and who live in urban areas is called only gulls where peoples presence are available. Leg colour, behaviour, size, plumage etc are the point to find out the difference among seagulls and gulls.

There also add weight difference. One example is given below for better understand:

European Herring gull: 1-1.5kg but the black-headed gull: 280g only.

Final Words:

Seagulls, increase the beauty of coastal areas all around the world. It’s meats and eggs are edible. But contain some harmful things that found to be contaminated with chemical additives used in plastic production. They can create serious infections in human body.

Some seagulls bought drug-resistant bacteria that is also harmful for us. So, I can’t suggest anyone to eat seagulls’ eggs and meats. Let’s stay them with peace and freedom.

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