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You must have enjoyed string cheese as a common snacking item. As it matches with other foods, string cheese is a favorite addition to getting a cheesy flavor. Of course, you can melt string cheese. Because of the many ways, you eat string cheese with burgers, pizza, sandwiches and by itself, string cheese needs melting.

Your microwave is the best way to melt your string cheese. However, some packaging is not microwave friendly. Therefore, take it out from the package. When you buy lookout for the specifications on the package but remember they usually melt string cheese out of the packet.

What Is String Cheese?

Some people wonder if string cheese is real cheese. String cheese is mozzarella cheese. The enzymatic process of mixing milk and a bacterial culture called rennet makes into a thick curd the cheese.

When making mozzarella cheese they heat to 140° Celsius and pulled with an auger, the cheese becomes stretched. The high-temperature changes in structure and takes a stretch shape and constitution. At this stage, molding the cheese into balls results in mozzarella cheese.

Can You Melt String Cheese

At the high temperature, they cut the cheese into long strips, and by stretching, becomes string cheese. The difference between the mozzarella and string cheese is that the fresh mozzarella cheese is placed in brine or water. The string cheese is made of milk with low moisture is allowed to become dry.

In brief, string cheese is super stretched mozzarella. This is only cheese from which make string cheese, as cheddar and other cheeses do not stretch out.

Melting String Cheese in a Microwave

You can easily melt cheese in a microwave at 32° C before you apply it as a topping to your food. To enable even melting, you will need to slice the stings into small thin pieces.

can you melt string cheese in the microwave

Before placing the package in the microwave, check if it is microwave friendly. It is better to take out the cheese from the packet, place it on the food item you desire to garnish with and then melt it. The cheese however will not turn out as creamy as other cheese even after melting.

Can You Use String Cheese as a Substitute for Mozzarella?

The major ingredient of string cheese is mozzarella cheese. Therefore, string cheese can be a substitute for mozzarella. The best string cheese is a derivative of pure mozzarella, changes in structure occurring in a stage of the process of manufacturing.

Use String Cheese as a Substitute for Mozzarella

As the protein of the mozzarella breaks, it takes the shape of a string, which on stretching further takes the shape of a rope. Traditionally the stretching was a hand task; string cheese made commercially is by machine.

Using string cheese as a substitute for mozzarella takes as good as mozzarella in cheese snacks.

 Health Benefits of String Cheese

String cheese is a milk product. String cheese is the source of healthy food. It contains plenty of calcium. Amazingly, per 100g string cheese, there are 8 g of protein and 4 g of fiber, the essential nutrients. It is one of the best sources of nutrition for children. But, beware, because of the substantial amount of fat, too much string cheese may lead to weight gain.

Some Recipes of String Cheese

 As you can melt string cheese, it is perfect for adding to snacks and dishes to give a cheesy flavor. Let us give some simple and quick recipes with string cheese to make your snacks enjoyable.

Fried String Cheese

Cut the strings into pieces you would prefer. Chill the pieces to enable easy deep-frying. Add vegetable oil to a skillet. Let it heat to moderate temperature. Fry a few pieces at a time. Remove the pieces on a platter with tissue paper to allow the oil to soak. Serve.

1. Vegetable and Sting Cheese Shashlik


  • String cheese cut into squares
  • Marinated square chicken pieces
  • Multicolored green pepper cut into square shapes
  • Peeled onion pieces
  • Baby tomatoes
  • Vegetable oil
  • Shashlik sticks
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Fold the veggies and onion with salt and pepper to taste. In the shashlik sticks, thread the cheese, vegetable, chicken, and onion, alternatively to make a colorful string. If you want more cheese flavor, then thread string cheese more often. The sequence of threading can accord with the colors of the ingredients.

In a frying pan, add enough vegetable oil for deep-frying. Heat the oil to moderate temperature. Place two to three shashlik at a time and fry until it turns brown. Remove in a strainer above a plater Serve hot.

Fried String Cheese

2. Roll-Up of String Cheese


  • String cheese cut into long pieces
  • Flour or tortilla wrappers available in grocery stores
  • Slices of ham or marinated beef
  • Mixed veggies cut into pieces
  • Vegetable oil
  • Herbs
  • Salt and vegetables to taste


Prepare the wrappers as per the instruction in the package. Some flour wrappers need frying in a pan. For tortillas, you can directly fill in. Cook the marinated meat in a frying pan with little oil until tender. Add the veggies and cook for some time. Do not overcook the vegetables. It is best to have crunchy vegetables. Add the string cheese and the herbs. Mix well and remove from stove.

Place the wrappers flat on plates. Add portions of the string cheese mixture. Roll the wrapper. Serve hot with whole olives or tomato sauce.


String cheese is a healthy source of snacks. Manufacturing makes mozzarella cheese take the shape of strings and ropes. Like other cheese, you can melt string cheese to facilitate adding to your other foods. It is great in pizza, rolls, shashlik, and a variety of dishes. The cheesy taste is enjoyable.

The guide we have provided you should help you how to handle string cheese. Try out the simple recipes and give your family the taste of string cheese.

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