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Cup noodles, great food to fill up our instant appetite. Now it becomes a good friend in our busy days also. A cup of noodles can easily satisfy our hunters.

To enjoy cup noodles, you just need some hot water, open the lid of the cup, pour water into it as the cup instructs on the cover. After 3-5 minutes your noodles will prepare to eat. 

You can’t microwave cup noodles unless you remove the cup that keeps noodles. It’s risky as well as harmful for us. The container that holds noodles clearly mentioned on the label it’s not microwaves safe. So, before eating everyone should read the indication that especially indicate for eaters. 

Can You Microwave Cup Noodles?

No, you can’t microwave cup noodles. Because the container that prepares for cup noodles is not safe for microwaving. It could start breaking, leaking, or deteriorating when you let that microwave. That’s why you can’t do that. 

But we have another that you can apply to microwave your cup noodles. Remove the noodles from a cup or packet then put them in a bowl or cup that must be microwave safe. Pour some hot water into it and cover that. Let microwave that for 3-5 minutes. After that your cup noodles will be ready. 

What Happen if You Microwave Cup Noodles?

Cup noodles are often held in Styrofoam or plastic cups. And when they get overheat they would start melting

If you microwave cup noodles its unsafe chemical like carcinogens would release into the noodles. That could increase the risk of different diseases. 

Researchers said that when we microwave cup noodles more of the BPA chemical can release from Styrofoam that is really harmful to human health. It causes heart disease, diabetes or stroke.

Can You Microwave Cup Noodles

Right Way of Preparing Cup Noodles

Prepare cup noodles or instant noodles is a very simple way. Everyone can easily do that. All ingredients are added to this cup of noodles so you just need some hot water to prepare that for eating. 

Let’s see the instructions:

  • At first tear open half of the plastic or paper lip of cup noodles. 
  • Take some boiling water (100c/212F) and pour it into the container up to the inside line.
  • Then put the lid off. You can also use a light plate to weigh down the lid. 
  • Wait at least 3-5 minutes with a patient. 
  • After that stir the noodles with a spoon or chopsticks. 
  • Finally, the cup noodles are ready for a meal. 

How Could You Microwave Your Cup Noodles?

Although microwave cup noodles are not well but you can do that with some conditions. You should use microwave safe cup or bowl instead of plastic or Styrofoam cup. To lid cup or bowl can use plate or other thing that generally use for microwaving. 

However, let’s start the way of microwaving cup noodles:

  • Take a microwave safe cup or bowl and pour a cup of water into it. 
  • Then let that 2-3 minutes for boiling. 
  • Open the lid of cup noodles, remove the noodles from cup and pour them into the boil water. 
  • Lid them again and stay them 2-3 minutes to prepared. 

But remember water should be measured as like the cover of the cup mentioned. In this way you can microwave your cup noodles.

how to make cup noodles better

Can Microwaving Cup Noodles Cause Cancer?

No, its only a myth of people. People believe in a false thing that is instant noodles contain a wax coating. But after several research its rated false. Researcher didn’t find any wax in instant noodles. 

Waxes are a diverse of organic compounds that insoluble in water but soluble in organic, nonpolar solvents. That harmful for human and cause several scary diseases like cancer. 

Microwave cup noodles may increase the risk of some scary conditions like cardiometabolic syndrome that can lead to diabetes, stroke, heart disease but not cancer.

Best Cup Noodles Recommendation

At present, different types of cup noodles are available in our local market as well as online market. Here presents some best quality those might satisfied our ramen cravings. 

  1. Mama-Creamy Tom Yum.
  2. Nongshim -Shin Ramen.
  3. Nissin Cup Noodle-Curry.
  4. Paldo-Jjajangmen.
  5. One Cultus Foods-Tawainese Beaf Noodle soup. 
  6. Maggi-Masala.
  7. Indomic-Mi Goreng. 
  8. Maruchan Gold-Soy Sauce
  9. Myojo Ippei- Yakisoba with Mayonnaise. 
  10. Prima Taste-Singapore Curry La Mian. 

Above all the instant noodles are amazing. So, you should try them for once to enjoy. 

best cup noddles

Cup Noodles Nutrition

Sometimes people criticized instant noodles as junk food or unhealthy food. Although it’s low in fiber, vitamins, protein but high in carbohydrates, fat and salt. You can also get some micronutrients from instant noodles. Here showing a nutritional fact of instant noodles in short:

Calories (300 Per Serving)





Total Carbohydrate



Total fat

15g 23%
Cholesterol 0mg


Dietary fiber

2g 4%
Sugar 1g


Calcium 40mg


Vitamin A 100mg

Is that Helpful for Weight Loss?

No, instant cup noodles may not help us in that case. It contains low calories, fiber, protein. Its low calories can only help to decrease calorie intake.

But you can try Shiratake Noodles for weight loss. It’s a unique food, low in calories and very filling also. High in glucomannan and fiber those are helpful for weight loss.

is that cup noodles helps to weight loss?

Final Word

If you want to microwave cup noodles you can do that. But I think its not necessary at all. You can easily prepare instant noodles simply with the help of some hot water. So, don’t have to waste your time and electricity. 

Anyone who need recommendation about microwaving cup noodles, I can suggest them its not essential really. Otherwise, it brings some problems for health that’s why you should avoid that. Preparing cup noodles a very simple job, so don’t mess that. 

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