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Have you ever thought of getting a food processor that would do your job in just seconds? The “magic bullet food processor” is a most modern appliance that assists you in preparing any food you desire.  It is indispensable in creating the simplest to the classy dishes for a grand dinner.

The magic blender differs from the food processor in blending viscous liquids like coffee, smoothie in just ten seconds, whereas the processor chops nuts, vegetables, and other thicker food items. Becomes of its proficiency in chopping many foods and its simplicity in use, the magic bullet has replaced the food processor.

In this article, let us see how we can use a magic bullet as a food processor.

What is a Magic Bullet?

The ‘magic bullet’ is an all-in-one compact food processor combined with a blender and juicer. It is much simpler than a traditional processing machine, runs on low voltage, and easy to store in a small space. The multiple cups with various kinds of blades allow chopping, grinding, grating, whipping, and making purees.

What is a Magic Bullet

The small countertop magic bullet is compatible with 200 watts, weighs about 4.6 pounds, and portable.  The package comes with a base, a cross blade, cups of 3 sizes, one to-go cup, 2lip rings, and resalable lids. Extra cups are available on demand.

What is the Working Mechanism of a Magic Bullet?

The mechanism of the functioning of a magic bullet is unique because of the two shape blades that work differently and the oblong shape of the blending cups. The shape of the blender creates a cyclonic effect making the food go down into the blades. Both the two cross blades have 4 prongs that chops, grate, and blend. The pronged flat blades are perfect for grinding and whipping.

What is the Working Mechanism of a Magic Bullet

For grating vegetables and cheese, you can also use cross blades as you would with a food processor. These blades are equally good sauces and frozen drinks. As for flat blades, a wide range of uses, include grinding nuts, coffee beans, and spices. This blade is also ideal for whipping mousses and mixing eggs for puddings.

The magic bullet is easy to operate. All you need to know is the blade type for any particular item you are going to grind. The appliance helps you to achieve the texture by applying and releasing the push-on button. On finishing the process, you need to take out the cup. For washing, you will have to unscrew the blades.

What Does the Package of Magic Bullet Comprise of?

As the magic bullet is a mini form of the food processor, you can expect it has all the components needed for grinding, blending, and processing a wide range of food. A standard brand consists of the following parts.

  1.   Powerbase. This is the base of the magic bullet containing a 25-Watt motor. A connecting plug comes with it, required for the power source.
  2.   Tall cup. The taller of the two cups are suitable for blending shakes and smoothies.
  3.   Short cup. The small cup is suitable for grinding coffee and chopping vegetables
  4.   Two blades. Two stainless steel blades are of two types. The crossed blade has 4 prongs but the fat blade has two prongs, only.
  5.   Two lids. The lids are re-sealable, useful in keeping the food fresh in the cups.
  6.   Two shaker lids. These have holes on top that facilitate using the microwave to heat the food in the cup.
  7.   Four mugs for drinking. These cups allow making and drinking shakes and smoothies from the cup it is prepared in. The color of the rims is different i.e. 4 colors for 4 cups for easy identification.
  8.   Recipe book. The package of the magic bullet has a recipe book of 100 pages. This is helpful in preparing food immediately after purchase.
  9.   Blender attachment. The same blender attachment is applicable in making a larger amount of shakes.
  10.   Juicer attachment. The attachment is adjustable for making the magic bullet produce high amounts of juice.

All parts of the magic bullet are dishwasher safe. However, you may hand wash with soap by placing it in a bowl.

Comparison of Magic Bullet with Food Processor

Although the magic bullet and the food processor help you with grating, blending, and processing, the magic bullet is a later invention. The major difference is that a magic bullet takes care of liquid better than a food processor. The bullet is of a smaller compact size and the individual drinks can behave straight instead of pouring out from the jar.

magic bullet vs food processor

A food processor is good for preparing food for a large crowd. The mixing bowls are large, a convenience in kneading dough. The magic bullet is, however, strong enough to grind vegetables and nuts and suitable for smoothies.

Although the food processor is much more functional, the magic bullet is efficient, affordable, and portable.  

Final Words

The magic bullet is a modern home appliance essential for everyday use. The device is a highly efficient food processor having extra attachments that allow grinding, chopping, and blending. You can use a magic bullet as a food processor with equal efficiency. The magic bullet enables the processing of liquids better than a food processor. The convenience of the magic bullet is in its lightweight, storage, and portability.

Your choice of a magic bullet and food processor would depend on the purpose. If you have a large family, you might need both. For a small family, the magic bullet is an excellent device.  

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