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Choosing a cooktop seems like a trivial affair until we actually want to pick one for ourselves. We are suddenly bombarded with features, number of burners, size, type, finish, and so on. While hunting for a cooktop, when you know what to look for, you will definitely save time, energy, and money. Moreover, you will be happy and satisfied with what you have chosen. So, in order to avoid disappointments, some important points to consider and keep in mind while researching for and buying your cooktop are given below.

To begin with, it’s very important to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What are your requirements?
  2. How much do you want to invest on a cooktop?

Answering the questions given above will halve the hassle and dilemma that most people generally face with while choosing a cooktop.

The first question will most likely answer and cover the following areas, so make careful note and do consider accordingly. Your list of REQUIREMENTS should include areas like:

How Intensively do You Expect to Use Your Cooktop?

The answer to this question may vary from family to family, but this is one question that you must think for a while. If you have a big family or if you are a cook-aholic, you may benefit better by using a bigger cooktop. If you are a seasonal cook who is more into canning food items and making pickles or jams, then a single burner gas or electric cooktop or stove will serve your needs quite decently. The average family that cooks breakfast or lunch and dinner can make do with a standard cooktop that has four burners. Depending on your family’s need and requirements, decide on how many burners or heating element you require for cooking. Some other cooktops even come with a griddle attached and if that’s your requirement you can even go for such models.

What Type of Cooktop do You Prefer?

Is it Gas Cooktop or Electric Cooktop or Induction Cooktop?

Gas cooktop are mostly fueled with Propane or LP gas. It’s an open flame

cooktop with minimal features.

Electric cooktop, as the name suggests, uses electricity for cooking. But they are mostly equipped with ribbon heating elements or coil type. It’s flameless form of cooking.

Induction cooktop is the most innovative cooktop that has revolutionized cooktops. Induction cooktop uses electro-magnetic induction technology for cooking. It heats the vessels directly and not the surrounding area. Therefore, it’s quite effective and energy efficient as well.

The market is flooded with different types and models of cooktops that are highly efficient and versatile. For example, Electric cooktops like Frigidaire Model No. FFEC-3024LB is very durable and  extremely efficient.

Gas cooktops like Bayou Classic Single Burner cooktop is a powerful cooktop for cooking any kinds of dishes.

Induction Cooktops like GE Model No. PHP900 DMBB Profile cooktop is a versatile, high performing, energy efficient cooktop. Among the list of cooktops, Induction cooktops are considered as the most highly opted cooktop in every modern kitchen across the world today.

Are You Ok with Investing on Specific Cookwares for Your Cooktop?

Which cookware do you normally use in your kitchen? This factor is worth considering because some cooktops will not be compatible for use with all types of cookwares. For example, Induction cooktop requires only magnetic cookware for successful heating and cooking. Therefore, if investing on compatible cookware for the right cooktop is burdensome then go for Gas or Electric cooktops that doesn’t require specific cookwares for cooking.

Space of Your Kitchen and Size of the Cooktop

After deciding on the type of cooktop, the next important area to consider is the Space of your cooking area and the Size of the cooktop. Depending on the availability on your kitchen space, you must choose the right size or the dimension of the cooktop. This is to avoid unnecessary burden and inconveniences while installing the cooktop in your kitchen. There are various sizes of cooktops ranging from small to medium to large.

Color of the Cooktop

In order to match the cooktop with your kitchen set up and decor, it’s important to select the most matching Color inorder to add beauty to the appearance of the kitchen. Cooktops are available in varied range of colors to match your kitchen decors.

Some Features of Modern Cooktops Worth Considering:

  • Precise Temperature Control

Temperature is one of the most important elements while cooking any kind of dishes. Cooking at the right temperature not only gives the best taste but also helps in retaining the nutrients and proteins that are present in the food. For e.g. Whirlpool W5CE3024XB 30″ Electric Cooktop has a precise temperature control settings.

  • Child Lock Function 

For the safety of your child in the kitchen, this feature is excellent. It will also give you peace of mind while preparing dishes. You just need to press the child lock button and it will automatically get locked. For e.g. GE Model No. PHP960 Profile 36 inch Induction Cooktop

  • Timer

This feature gives you the freedom to cook your dishes without any tension. When the appropriate time is set, it will automatically switch off by itself once cooking is done.

For e.g. BergHOFF Single Burner Model No. 1810027 Induction Cooktop

  • Automatic Safety Shut-Off

Cooktops that support this feature automatically shuts off by itself when it detects overspills or boil over, or if the vessel is not detected. It’s also called the Pan Presence Sensor. This is one of the safest features that a cooktop can possess. For e.g. GE Model No.  PHP960 DMBB Profile Induction Cooktop

  • Hot Surface Indicator 

This feature is excellent in alerting or indicating you that the cooktop is still hot or unsafe to touch with your bare hands even though the cooktop is switched off. For e.g Bosch Model No. NIT 3065UC Induction Cooktop.

  • Number of Burners

Some cooktops are equipped with just a single burner or heating zone while other models are furnished with two to five burners for cooking various dishes in one cooktop. So, depending on your family’s needs and requirements, decide on how many burners you want your cooktop to have. Examples of single burners include cooktops like – Nuwave Model No. PIC2 Induction Cooktop and Bayou Classic Single Burner Gas Cooktop.

Double Burner cooktops include – WARING Model No. DB60True Induction Double Burner Cooktop. Bosch NIT 3065 UC Induction cooktop, GE PHP900 DMBB Induction Cooktop, and Frigidaire Model No. FFEC-3024LB Electric Cooktop has four burners each.

GE  Model No. PHP960 DMBB Profile Induction Cooktop has five burners.

  • Friendly Control Panels or Knobs

Always look for a cooktop that is easy to operate and use. The control panels or knobs should be easily accessible. Touchpad controls are perfect for all settings and functions. Some cooktops even come with LCD digital display with electronic touch. For e.g.  GE Model No. PHP900 DMBB Induction Cooktop.

What’s Your Budget?

Price is one of the most crucial factors. Therefore, do not forget to compare and consider all the pros and cons of different cooktops that are available in the market.  Depending on your needs, requirements, and budget, pick the cooktop that will fit the most for your family. It could be Gas, Electric, or Induction cooktop with single, double or more burners.

In comparison with Gas and Electric cooktops, Induction cooktops are slightly higher in price because it has better features like child lock functions, hot surface indicator, control panels, inbuilt timers, and are more energy efficient and environmentally friendlier than gas or electric cooktops. No doubt, there are very expensive models of gas and electric cooktops as well.

Online retailers’ offer special price and discounts every season, so shopping online tends to be cheaper on most occasions when compared to shopping physically. For exclusive reviews on various models of cooktops, see:

Keeping in mind the tips listed above, now, you can confidently log in to any shopping site through your laptop or desktop and pick the most perfect cooktop for you and your kitchen and enjoy the pleasures of cooking comfortably.

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