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Not all cooktops are created or developed for the same cooking purpose. Cooktops come in different designs, style, features, and thus, not every cooktop may suit your lifestyle or meet your needs. Cooktops are available in 3 different types: electric, gas, and induction. For more information on different types of cooktops, check out Cooktop Buying Tips.

Practically, a small family, or let’s say college students and those who live alone, may not need a large cooktop with 4 or 5 burners. A cooktop is not a very cheap kitchen appliance and generally, good cooktops with 4 or 5 burners will cost you anything between $1000 to $3000. When you live in smaller living arrangements such as dorm rooms,  studios, hostels , trailers, and smaller apartments or less frequented places such as  a holiday home,  I feel that it is a wiser step to choose a cheaper, portable cooktop that sports either a single burner or dual burners. That way you can save money for other purposes, plus, even smaller cooktops handle most cooking requirements perfectly. In my case, I have the Nesco PIC14 Induction Cooktop installed in my cabin by the lake, which cooks my food super fast and in an efficient manner.

If you are looking for a cooktop to support cooking for a single person or for a small family, consider the following points. It will help you choose the right model and experience great cooking results.

Gas, Induction, or Electric Cooktop?

This should be your first area priority wise when buying any cooktop. Think and choose the type that will serve you well. This is very important as choosing the wrong type will unnecessarily make you fume and add to your burden.

Gas cooktop is a common type of cooktop that we all are familiar with. If gas stove is what you prefer, choose from the many models available in the market. I remember using the Bayou Classic Single Burner SQ14 while I was staying at the dorm. It is portable,  very handy, and has a strong flame. Single electric burners like Broil King CSR-3TB, Waring SB30 1300 watt, Waring DB60 (dual burner) are few models that are reliable and cheap too.

If you are aware of the new induction cooking and want to upgrade your kitchen to the next level, portable induction cooktop is a good choice for you. They are energy efficient, user friendly, rich in features; a definite thumbs up in all departments. Portable models like Max Burton 6200, NuWave Precision PIC2, True Induction 2 Burner, etc. are top of the list induction cooktops.

Best Cooktop for Office, Dorm, RV, Etc

Like I stated earlier, not every cooktop is favorable for use at places like patio, office, dorm, camping, etc. If you intend to use your cooktop in places like these, consider buying a model that is portable enough and small in size such that it does not consume much of your space. When it comes to choosing a portable cooktop model, arguably, induction cooktops top the list (except for the fact that you require electro-magnetic cookware). The following points will explain why.

  • Induction cooktops are energy efficient. Induction cooktops has heat efficiency level of up to 84% that makes it the fastest cooking cooktop.
  • Induction cooktops are rich in features. They are digitally operated and come with useful extra features like auto shut off, safety alarm, cooking timer, auto pan sensor, etc.
  • Heat consistency is another great feature of induction cooktops. With an induction cooktop, you can set the cooking temperature depending on the food you cook. Unlike other electric cooktops, with induction cooktops the heat and temperature changes instantly according to your settings, which allows precision cooking.
  • Unlike gas cooktops, induction cooktops are easy to clean. Induction cooktops look attractive with sleek design and smooth finish such that it will match or enhance any decor. Cleaning it takes only a minute.
  • Induction cooktops are very portable. You don’t have to worry about gas pipeline or carry those heavy cylinders. It just needs a standard household power supply and a power plug-in cord.

Taking into account the portability of the unit, features, overall cooking experience and result, induction cooktop turns out to be the better choice for use at dorms, offices, hostels, etc. It is the right cooktop that a small family can rely on, and a cooktop that will prepare meal or dinner efficiently for a single person.

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