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Cooktops that are available in the market today ranges from Gas to Electric to Induction. Smooth surface cooktops with sealed burner designs are not just limited to Induction and Electric cooktops, but with the advancement and innovation of today’s technology, they are also available in Gas cooktops.

Manufacturers are never behind in designing and crafting cooktops that are not only efficient for cooking but also adds aesthetic qualities in looks and ease while cleaning and maintaining the cooktop.

If you are thinking of replacing your cooktop or planning to invest on a cooktop, will you want to use a cooktop with the same finish that you currently own or will you opt for a cooktop with different surface design for a change? There are various finishes available with different cooktops.

Some Of The Most Common TYPES Of Cooktop Surfaces Include:

The Stainless Steel Surface Cooktop 

Stainless steel cooktops look very appealing, sleek, and is trendy. But it may not be very easy to clean and maintain.

Stainless steel stove top

It’s advisable to wipe off spillovers immediately with warm water and a soft cloth. You may even use white vinegar if the stains are hard to remove.

The Ceramic Surface Cooktop

Ceramic cooktops are easy to clean. Aesthetically, they are quite appealing, giving your kitchen a modern look. The other advantage of using ceramic cooktop is to enjoy the counter space if the kitchen area is small and congested.

But ceramic cooktops can get scratched easily and it has to be used carefully to avoid breaking or damages. Heavy utensil and other hot items should not be placed on it. It’s not advisable to cut food items on its surface.

The Glass-Ceramic surface cooktop

The flat surface of the glass-ceramic cooktop makes cleaning very easy and simple. The glass-ceramic surface looks transparent or opaque when it’s colored.

Ceramic induction cooktop

But it’s likely to get scratches more easily than other surfaces. So, you may have to polish in order to keep the surface bright and shinning.

The Porcelain Surface Cooktop

Porcelain surface cooktops are very easy to wipe, clean, and maintain.

Food spills and stains can easily be wiped off without much effort. Porcelain cooktops are more stain- resistant, heat-resistant, and harder to scratch.

On the rather sad side, porcelain cooktops are likely to get damaged easily if you happen to drop any hard objects on it.

The Enamel Surface Cooktop

Enamel surface cooktops are usually easy to clean when compared to other surface type. However, with rough handling, it can break easily even though the outer surface may look very hard and strong.

Use baking soda and lemon juice to clean the surface for better results and easy cleaning.

The Glass Surface Cooktop 

Glass surface cooktops looks very fashionable, sleek, and modern. However, they are likely to get scratches easily. You can use baking soda with hot soapy water to clean and wipe the surface for keeping it neat and clean.

Black glass induction cooktop

Do take care while handling in order to avoid breakage and damages.

Useful Suggestions & Comments

No matter what type of surface material your cooktop is: stainless steel or ceramic, glass or porcelain, enamel or glass-ceramic, proper care has to be taken while cooking dishes or cleaning cooktop.  By proper care, I definitely do not mean to say that you have to baby your cooktop, but just be a lil gentle while handling it. This will greatly help in maintaining the cooktop and will also boost its performance and efficiency.

When cleaning the surface of the cooktop, use proper accessories such as sponges, blades designed for cooktops, cleaners and solutions for cooktops, soft cotton cloth, and so on to avoid unnecessary scratches and even discoloration of the cooktop’s surface and the body.

Lastly, there are pros as well as cons with each surface no matter what the surface material your cooktop is constructed with. Therefore, you need to choose the type of surface that will match the most for your kitchen, keeping in mind the options listed above.

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