Does A Convection Oven Require A Hood?




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Convection Ovens are used in millions of kitchens worldwide every day to make people their favorite meals.  With the ease of clicking a few buttons, your meal is just minutes away, and the fan and exhaust in it make the process less messy. But still, things can get a bit greasy.

Vents in the kitchen help prevent grease particles from spreading all over the house and from making the whole place contaminated by cooking odors.  A vent can help save your kitchen cabinets from irreparable damage by the attack of dirt particles.

So, the question arises; does a convection oven require a hoodand would it help to keep things clean in the kitchen?

Let’s find out the answer.

What Is a Convection Oven?

A Convection oven may also be known as a ‘fan oven’ thanks to its powerful fan that circulates hot air into the oven along with its exhaust system. The temperature inside this sort of oven remains consistent, so it is excellent for multi-rack cooking.

You can choose between gas and electric when buying a convection oven like any other oven. There is a type of convection oven called a True Convection  This oven includes a third heating component. It allows for a much more even cooking of the dishes, so multiple dishes can be easily made, thus saving your precious time!

What Is a Convection Oven?

What Do Kitchen Hoods Do?

As mentioned before, cooking is not always very easy, and the clean-up can get especially difficult. A kitchen hood can make cooking much more convenient in several ways.

First off, it can prevent the smelly cooking odors from circulating throughout the house which is a lifesaver if you are having guests.

More importantly, the hood makes the chef’s life a lot easier by making cooking a more comfortable process. The hood allows people to be in the kitchen longer by removing excess steam, heat, and smoke.

Cooking can leave a sticky film of grease on all kitchen shelves and counters. This film will almost permanently damage them.

You will be relieved of this stress with the use of a hood. In addition to that, you will finish with your clean-up in half the time. It also prevents the growth of bacteria and mold. That is amazing for keeping away any diseases from your kitchen.

Kitchen Hood

Does A Convection Oven Require A Hood

Since a convection oven has a fan and an exhaust system, it releases grease particles and smelling odors into the kitchen, and that causes things to get greasy.  Therefore, a kitchen hood is essential to keep things as clean and shiny as possible. However, you should keep in mind to use a suitable type of hood.

For convection ovens, it will be best if you use type I hoods as a convection oven releases smoke and grease particles. The type 1 hoods ensure your family is not inhaling the aftermath of your dinner and is not getting any nasal irritations.

Convection Oven Require a Hood

In addition to these, the hood provides a ventilation system to the kitchen, so it also works as fire protection when using gas convection ovens.  The temperature inside the kitchen goes up higher than in any other area of the house. So, what a hood does is remove the excess heat and keeps things cooler.

This advantage is of great use, especially on scorching summer days where without the hood, the whole kitchen would turn into an oven itself!  Commercial kitchens mainly use convection ovens, and often many people will be working in a small space.  Here, a hood can help keep the entire group of people in the kitchen feel more comfortable and thus more focused on their work.

Do Electric Convection Ovens Need A Hood?

Saying all that, I must say that if you are using electric convection ovens, the necessity of using a hood is not as urgent.

Electric convection ovens are often ventless, and so grease particles are not released into the air. Therefore, your counters and kitchen shelves will be safe even without a hood using a ventless convection oven.

Electric Convection Ovens

However, in most commercial kitchens, these ventless ovens are not used because they are not as efficient as gas convection ovens. Thus, if you are using this cooking appliance for large-scale production, you will most likely be needing a hood to keep things more operable.

Hoods Elevate the Look of the Kitchen

If you are using an overhead range hood, food preparation will become much easier for you because of the additional lighting that comes with it.

It will be a valuable addition for all you cooking enthusiasts because this will allow you to get a clearer view of your stovetop as well!

Hoods Elevate the Look of the Kitchen


In terms of the aesthetic of the kitchen hood, it can add another level of elegance to your daily cooktop. Since there is a wide variety of hoods in the market, you can find the perfect fit for your kitchen that matches all the other appliances.


One small thing to note is that if you are installing a kitchen hood in your house, this can be a smart investment as real estate experts have said that this adds value to the price of your house.

The Rules of Installing a Hood

Everything we have said in this article is in terms of practicality and convenience for users. But, you have to keep in mind that in many countries and states, the installation of hoods along with a convection oven is mandatory.

Installing a Hood

The law (if there is one for the place you live in) varies for different places so, you should keep that in check according to your country.

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So, does a convection oven require a hood?  Generally, you will be better off with a hood with a convection oven to keep things clean for you. However, if you are using a ventless electric oven, a hood is not a necessity.

We have given plenty of details and explained the compatibility of a convection oven and kitchen hood thoroughly. If you still have any inquiries, drop your questions in the comments section below.

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