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Beautiful and functional, this Duxtop Professional is a 17 piece set that works with amazing professionalism for any amount of induction cooking. Remember giving up all those prized cookwares glass and non stick, once you switched to induction cooking?

Well I sure won’t like going through something like that all over again. I feel good about having invested in these fabulous Duxtop cookwares, because I know for sure that I never have to replace them with any other. Well, thinking over all that I would say, why not buy it.Equipped with the right sizes and shapes, my professional cooking needs are all covered. These high quality Duxtop cookwares come with a good weight, nice dripless lip and well made glass tops, nothing flimsy about the cookwares. Overall, the set is a fairly high value for its price.

The Specialty Of Duxtop Cookwares

As it is so, I have purchased increasingly better cookware as time moves on and this is the cream of the crop for me! Sets that weren’t evenly made left cold areas while other sections burned. It is most frustrating when these happen while cooking. But not this Duxtop set, it is different, it is superior.

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  • These cookwares are solid and, with heavier base sit perfectly balanced on my cooktop surface. Made of stainless steel with additional Aluminium sandwiched in the base for consistency, the cookwares weigh a good metal weight. As a result, the cookwares catch heat very swiftly and the thickness of the layers can do wonders. It is fun to fill the small pot with cold water and watch it boil in less than a minute!
  • This is a really nice set for home cookware, much better than commercial quality. These cookwares are not eye candy. They are brushed stainless, which you can’t see your face in and these brushed finish holds oil better.
  • The handles are large, comfortable to hold and stay cool. The lid handles on the glass tops can get hot if you continue to cook considerably long. Unlike commercial pots, these do not have flat stainless steel lids but classy glass lids.

One Pertinent Comparison

There have been a good a lot of speculations on which among the Duxtop induction cookwares are the better ones. Between All-Clad Tri-Ply model and this set, I take to liking this set more for the creatively handy features that it wins over All-Clad.

Simple, but key factors for cooking comfort. Duxtop Professional has drip-free pouring rims that are not just convenient but graceful in looks. The handles too feel more comfortable it kind of feels more like the handles help to keep balance as well. Overall, Duxtop Professional seems to have more steel too.

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But note that, neither of the two comes at a cheap price and they are both worth it.

Do I Not Love Them?

The heat distribution in every one of these cookware pieces is excellent and for me, the weight is practically perfect for induction. When it comes to induction ready, heavier base assures that the cookware metal has even contact with the cook top surface.

Talk of these Duxtop cookwares, it’s all about consistency, it’s all about cooking up very palatable dishes.

I would recommend this set to anyone who sets their eye for quality. And the price, none can beat it!

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