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Food fueling us to perform day to day activities while a proper balance of the nutrients is the key to remain in shape. We intake thousands of foods of distinct taste, which varies with ones geographic positioning.

But the fun part is, if I ask you to call 20 foods that start with the Letter A, it’s highly likely that you just won’t come up with a proper response. Indeed, the majority of individuals can’t. For your convenience, we’ve done the research work and arrayed a list of foods beginning with A.  

Some entries contribute to meet your daily calorie needs, while a few might seem relatively unknown. Let’s get acquainted with some food items start with the letter A.  

Top 20 Foods Beginning With A



A fruit, in fact amongst the most eaten ones. Apple trees are being grown in central Europe and Asia for thousands of years. Irrespective of the season this delicious fruit can be found in any super store or fruit market, natural and garden-fresh.

Abundant in vitamin c, which helps thwart bowel disorders, constipation and also play a pivotal role in abatement of LDL.



An antioxidant nutrient, Acerola widely employ to deter cold and flu like sickness. Commonly considered as cherry, notwithstanding not a genuine cherry. Produces palatable berries, which have great healing properties.

Plenitude of vitamin C along with antioxidant nutrients act as an immune booster. Raw Acerola tastes slightly acidic, but sweet and sweet-scented, nevertheless can be included in cooked dishes.



Basically a tree, but people largely refer its seed as Almond, which is edible. Indigenous to Persian countries, notwithstanding health benefits of it results cultivation in a large scale in different part of the world.

Stores a sizeable amount of nutrients, including Magnesium, Vitamin-E, Protein and Fiber. Consequently, checks sugar level as well as blood pressure. Besides, reduced cholesterol level also an expected outcome.



A Mexican fruit, which has a great application in a wide variety of dishes. Lauraceae- a flower plant family, where its tree belongs. Has a significant commercial value, but can’t be grown in any given environment conditions.

Tropical regions as well as Mediterranean climate regions are suitable for its cultivation. The structure is somewhat plump and covered by green skin, while it could be spherical in shape or even egg-shaped.



Want to keep your heart healthy or simply want to lose some weight, just develop a practice of eating Adzuki beans on a regular basis. These small edible East Asian seeds are highly regarded for their nutrient value.

Helps build an improved metabolism system, while control over diabetics also a possible outcome. Antioxidants of 29 types are believed to be present in it, including an anti-aging one.  



Nothing but the unmellowed shoots of the plant Alfalfa. A crunchy feel is due, when raw Alfalfa is being masticated. Nonetheless, that could lead you to food-borne diseases.

Well-cooked Alfalfas are free of detrimental bacteria’s responsible for illness. A combination of Vitamin K and Vitamin C, which plays a significant role to make bones stronger and reduces chance of heart attack as well as stroke.



It’s hard to imagine any fast food item without American Chess these days. Creamy and salty flavor of it thought to be the reason behind its growing popularity. A form of processed cheese that made from milk fat, concentrated protein and solids.

British colonists are widely credited for the formulation of cheddar cheese, which modified to American cheese that can be bought easily from any nearby super shop or grocery store.


Fore-and-aft ridges outside might not be the look one anticipates about a fruit. But, when ripped, sweet yellow-orange flesh might result mouth-watering. Nutrients properties included fiber, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium, a package worth of treating various medical conditions. A sizeable source of antioxidants specially patients who are suffering from type 2 diabetics.


Ananas has a few centuries old history of cultivation in South American countries. Found in two different types, namely Ananas Comosus commonly known as Pineapple and Ananas Macrodontes or false Pineapple.

Ananas comosus- a tropical plant that can be found across the world, which produce the edible fruit Pineapple. Two South American countries, Brazil and Costa Rica along with the Philippines produce a major share of Pineapple demand.



Amarelle- a species of Prunus, which generally referred to as sour cherry. It was so popular back in the 16th century that 24 different types were grown. Mostly, European countries and part of southwest Asia known for Amarelle cultivation.

Less acidic as well as less sour in comparison with its other cherry of Prunus family. Which is why it’s so handy in a range of dishes.


A familiar name for the people with seafood obsession. But this coast of Atlantic native is on the verge of extinction. A sharp decline of Alewife population is being observed in recent years.

Numerous man made threats are believed to be responsible. The growing trend of dam construction limits their access to spawning areas. But the encouraging sign is several states in the USA stepped up to save these species by taking some effective measures.   



Amongst the top Antioxidants-rich foods, Artichoke also nicknamed as green artichoke. This purple flavorful veggie sourcing a number of health benefits. For example, produces folate, which is extremely important to form blood cells.

Moreover, credited for RNA and DNA production, while also responsible to generate energy from carbohydrates. There is evidence of it being used as a deodorant as well as mouth freshener in the ancient past.


An anti-inflammatory nutrients, Asparagus also carries a high value as antioxidant nutrients. Can be eaten either raw or cooked. Highly regarded for its sexual healing properties.

A considerable source of sex hormones for both genders, while the presence of vitamin B6 and folate ensures a boost in arousal and orgasm.  



The word Ambrosia stands for sweet-scented and scrumptious. It’s a dessert made of fruits. In ancient Greek civilization, it was believed as cure of mortality. And referred as the god’s drink, which increase life expectancy quite considerably. A pleasant taste is due when being eaten.



When you search Adobo on the web, there is a high chance that you could get puzzled. Whereas, the term Adobo refers to more than two results.

Originally it’s a Philippines marinade dish made of pork or chicken. Remain fresh for a long time, even in Philippine’s tropical climate, since they use salted vinegar.  

16. ALE

In the 14th century England, ALE considered as one of the main fount of nutriment. While in the modern age it being referred to as a kind of beer, processed using a specific method.

Chemical breakdown that used to produce beer differs slightly in the case of ALE. They call it warm fermentation, which attain a sweet and fruity taste and ax the use of hops.



In Spain, cocktail or dinner parties are incomplete without a glass of AMONTILLADO- a variant of sherry wine. First formulated back in the 18th century in Montilla, a municipality of Cordoba province.  

Consequently, got its name in accordance with the city. In comparison with traditional wine, it costs relatively less, ranging from 10 to 15 dollars. 



A tree native to Northern Hemisphere, which has a tremendous medical application. From root to fruit nothing can be spared, including its seed. Applied as medication of variety of diseases.

The tree grows up to ten feet tall and produces sparkling flowers of greenish-white color, while its flavor varies with respect to species.



Weight loss- a much hyped topic of these days alongside improved metabolic power and prevention of constipation are some outcome one can expect from Apricot.

It’s a fruit, which tree, also called as Apricot. Cultivation prefers dry regions and there is a belief that dry apricots are better for health. But, data to back this theory up is inadequate.



Long fin tuna, is the term people usually use to address Albacore- a species of tuna fish. Taste that of it differs from regular tuna fish by a bit.

Its non-fishy mild flavor make it the ultimate choice for sushi dishes and cost more than regular tuna fish. Found all over the world, but there are six major stock region in three oceans.

To Conclude

People’s interest in knowing is boundless, so does the food items available. We have listed a mere 20 items that start with A, but thousands others are left behind.

What we believe is, it will act as a conjunction between your infinite inquisitiveness and popular dishes around the world that you didn’t explore yet.

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