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Fruit- an incredible source of thousands of various vitamins as well as minerals. The word that first appears in mind when you see a fruit, is delicious. Some taste so great that cause instant mouth-watering.

While some might taste terrible, but offer extensive medical use. Covers virtually all the nutrients human body needs and intake of fruit on a regular basis diminishes hundreds of health conditions.  

If you have been longing for learning more regarding fruits and benefits they offer, keep reading our list of fruit that start with A.

Top 20 Fruits That Starts With A

1. Apple


Arguably the most eaten and most popular fruit across the globe. Report claims that there are around seven thousand and five hundred of variants of apple.  

Vitamins namely A and C come in a plenty. Besides, an average size apple consists 95 calories and approximately 11 milligram of calcium.    

2. Apricot


Want to keep your eyesight, strong? Just develop a habit of eating Apricot. Abundance of vitamin A will also ensure healthy skin.

Originated in China. But Spanish settlers need to be credited for bringing it to the USA.

3. Avocado


Rich in monounsaturated fat, Avocados is a great source of nutrients. Being high in calories might pose a threat of gaining weight, but can’t be ignored owing to other health benefits it offers.

4. Abiu


This South American native is unique in terms of taste. Have multiple seeds of black color inside and taste like a mixture of caramel and vanilla.

Grows best in tropical environments. Its tree, goes by the name of Pouteria Caimito has an average height of 33 feet, which could be grown up to 116 feet tall.

5. Almond


The USA once again in the foreground. Poised as the single largest producer of Almond, which is originally native to the Middle East.

Plenitude of various nutrients alongside deliciousness of it, cause a huge market demand. As a consequence, it’s being cultivated extensively in every corner of the world.

6. Acai Berry

Acai Berry

Wasn’t a household name even before a decade. Notwithstanding, demand starts flying when it’s revealed that Acai Berry is a powerhouse.

The level of antioxidants is 10 times than that of a grape. Moreover, eating 100g of Acai Berry is equivalent to consuming 247 calories.

7. Aboirana


Relatively a less known name. Aboirana doesn’t have any commercial prospect till date. People collect it from the wild, which tree can grow 15 to 25 meters tall.

Tastes semi-sweet, while its fleshy pulp is a bit starchy. Known for its effectiveness in treating diarrhea.

8. Abyssinian gooseberry

Abyssinian gooseberry

With juicy, melting flesh, Abyssinian Gooseberries can be eaten raw or by adding in various dishes.

Goes by the name of its tree, while soup made of its roots and stems also popular. From dry land to rainforest, survive quite easily.

9. Abyssinian banana

Abyssinian banana

Usually known as Enset or Ethiopian banana, Abyssinian bananas belong to the banana family of Musaceae.

Land with high water content preferred for its cultivation. In Ethiopia, it’s regarded as one of the main local source of food.  

10. Artichoke


It’s believed that back in the 16th century Spanish settlers introduced Artichoke in the USA. Precisely, in California. For the time being, more than eighty percent of world production are being produced by a city of California, called Castroville.

Consumption of an average Artichoke will cover 25 percent of your daily vitamin C requirement.

11. Acai Palm

Acai Palm

Nutrients overdose is obvious if you attempt to ingest raw Acai Palm without any processing. As an outcome, the USA denies its entry in their market.

Rich in fat, sugar and results high calorie indulgence, which poses sizable threat to human health.

12. Achacha


Found in the southern basin of the amazon in central Bolivia. Taste slightly match with passion fruit, but possesses a different shape. Australia has started cultivating Achacha commercially lately.    

13. Achiote


Natural resource of food grade color. But people also like its flavor and aroma. Known as Annatto in Brazil and Mexico, countries credited for the majority of world production.  

14. African walnut

African walnut

One of the greatest blessing of Mother Nature for the people of African region, especially Nigeria. Called the king of nuts worldwide for its nutrient value, while locally known as ASALA in the west of Nigeria and UKPA in the Southern part.

15. Aizen apple

Aizen apple

Highly regarded for medical as well as agricultural uses in the Sahel region. Can be consumed as juice or jam, but practice of eating raw is most popular. At the start of the rainy season, you would find your Aizen apple ready to eat, should you chose to have a tree planted.

16. Acerola


A natural prevention of diseases related to vitamin C deficiencies. Famous as Barbados cherry, Acerola also a proven remedy of skin issues.       

17. Akebia Quinata

Akebia Quinata

A south Asian native, known for its varying flavor profile. A plant grows quite faster and flowers start to blossom in early May. Chocolate vine, this is what people call it generally and in japan, being cultivated commercially.

Anti-inflammatory properties of it, act as the reason behind becoming a sought after fruit. Moreover, handy in tackling other medical issues too, namely, urinary tract infections, tongue sores and is a natural pain killer.   

18. Akee


Sankey, Ackee apple, Ayee are some of the names this tropical West African native and member of the Sapindaceae soapberry family known as. Can be eaten raw or by adding in soup, while intake of its seed could lead to a number of physical discomfort.  

19. Alpine strawberry

Alpine strawberry

Called by various names, this perennial herbaceous fruit plant has a natural existence across the Northern Hemisphere. Renowned as Wild strawberry and has a delicate sweetened strawberry flavor. Plants are relatively less productive, which results in higher prize.    

20. Amanatsu


Discovered as early as the 17th century in Japan, Amanatsu is a yellowish fruit, which comes in a size of grapefruit. Japan has a history of commercial cultivation and Hagi- a city of Yamaguchi, highly renowned for Natsumikan- the other name of Amanatsu.   

To Wrap Up

When it comes to fruits, people have diverse taste and preferences. But being an extra knowledgeable regarding fruit can be handy at some point of life.

We even simplified the process of knowing by comprising a catalog of fruit start with the letter A. So that one can memories and apply them in daily living.  

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