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Technology is improving at a faster rate and induction hasn’t been left out. This time, I decided to write about the frequently asked question-Which is better, gas or induction?

Induction is more energy efficient, safer and easy to clean and is ideal for every type of kitchen. With gas you can control the temperature to a fine degree perfect for cooking and roasting, ideal for commercial and household purposes. Both appliances have it unique characteristics. Ultimately your decision will come down to your own preferences and requirements.

Here are some few points on gas and induction cooktop, which I hope will help you in making better decision.

Gas Cooktop- Pros

  • Can adjust the temperature easily by turning the knob up and down easily.
  • Compatible with any kinds of cookware.
  • It is the right choice for many professional chefs and commercial purposes.
  • Generally, it is not as expensive as the induction cooktop
  • Unlike induction, gas cooktop is perfect for roasting
  • Open flame help as a visual guide to check the amount of flame/heat released
  • It is cost effective

Gas Cooktop- Cons

  • Releases lots of external heat resulting in hotter kitchen surroundings.
  • Extra care needs to be taken to avoid accident or injury as we are not only dealing with a naked flame but as well as combustible heat sources.
  • Food residue accumulated around the base or around the knobs is difficult to clean and maintain.
  • There is a high chance of potential gas leakage that can result in residential fires.
  • Need to be extra careful with the gas line to avoid fire accident.

Induction Cooktop-Pros

  • It transfers heat directly to cookware that result in cooler kitchen and cookers.
  • It is well equipped with safety system features, a great feature for busy moms.
  • Offers a precise temperature control for effective heating / simmer.
  • It is energy efficient. It has the capacity to cook food and boils water at a faster rate resulting in minimal energy wastage, saves precious time and energy
  • With no crevices for spilled food to accumulate, it is easier to clean and maintain
  • Most modern induction cooktops are stylish and attractive and ideal for limited space

Induction Cooktop- Cons

  • It requires specially designed compatible magnetic pots and pans
  • The top ceramic and glass surface need extra care to avoid scratches
  • Wet hands and counter may interfere the beeping signals.
  • It is advisable for people with pacemakers not to use induction
  • Will not operate during power outage
  • High initial cost

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