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For those of us who value the goodness of healthy home cooked meals and yet we love our outdoor life so much,  it’s a must to get some of our favorite recipes sizzling out in the lovely backyard garden,  especially when the summer excitement is hitting in. Good health and an active lifestyle always go hand in hand, yet, choosing a healthy diet is key to fitness.

Well in an age so concerned with calories and cholesterol count, we can only keep ahead by maintaining a low fat, low sodium diet in our system. Not to mention, you and I just happen to be the fortunate lot who get enough air and sunlight to keep our body bumping perfectly sound; we owe it to our outdoorsy nature!

Get Lively With Your Outdoor Cooking

This is the best time to stir up your passion in outdoor cooking as the outside world is just awakened to an interesting sight of vigorous life; often a hearty downpour and abundant buzz around ripe-colored blossoms. Life around you is beckoning you out and, what better reason can you have not to splurge in the wet blossoms of summer? The greenery around is greener than ever, you got to catch the hale and hearty air. For a big foodie like me, it meant a grand feasting was in store.

Setting up my cooking equipments in the garden this season gave me quite a thrill like starting something afresh. My one big joy when it comes to summer was the great variety of fresh veggies and herbs. This was one of the most appealing times for me to go on a green healthy diet. Fresh and loaded with chlorophyll, capturing the flavor of each food ingredient is crucial; the zing and aroma with all its nourishment, that’s the specialty of summer recipes.

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Cooking at Induction Proficiency

When it comes to cooking in the garden, induction cooking came as a blessing for me; no open flame or hustle of carrying the gas fuel. I especially love cooking on my new portable induction cooktop also because of the kind of precision that its temperature settings offer. It allowed me to regulate my cooking with astonishing precision; be it crisping or braising the meat or searing vegetables or brewing just a little below boiling point, it gets done just right, so we don’t end up over heating or over cooking the whole thing and losing all the nutritional goodness of the food.

With ever advancing technology, one of the most innovative cooking appliances is Induction cooktops. It makes our cooking fun limitless. Soups and hot beverages get served faster than ever, all the sautéing, roasting and boiling gets done at an unimaginable speed and immediate switching from boiling to simmering, roasting to searing is one of the specialties that an induction can do at the touch of a button.

Grilling gets even more phenomenally cool, or pan-broiling meat, or blackening meat; the magic doesn’t end there. Induction heating comes so prompt that one of my first fantastic problems was actually getting used to the speed of induction cooking; not to mention, cooking on my induction needs a swift hand.

Besides even with such high cooking temperature, there is no real danger of fire or burns because induction cooktops are far safer than all my old gas or electric cooktops I have owned so far, with no open flames or heated exterior coils that cause most of the minor skin burns as well.

Ideal Farmhouse Kitchen

My granny was the one person who inspired me with fabulous ideas of a farmhouse kitchen with the best of all foodstuff; all richly flavored delicacies. But as for me, a young child of eight, it sounded more like an imaginary country cottage to hang out in, with all its intriguing wilderness. Well, in life one does get what one dreams for. I have a beautiful summer dream ahead of me and all the lovely cooking to do. Do check out my favorite summer recipes planned out for an adventurous start.

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