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Check out these simple, easy and quick tips for cleaning, maintenance and care for glass and ceramic cooktops.

Induction cooktop offers a wide range of stylish, sleek and modern design made of glass and ceramic. Special care needs to be taken while cleaning and maintenance. Use the right kind of cleaners and cleaning pads specially designed for cleaning glass cooktop.

Cleaning Ceramic and glass cooktops appears easy and straightforward. However, extra care should be taken into consideration to avoid scratches and discoloration.

Cleaning Glass and Ceramic Cooktops

  • Remove the spills and burned residue only after the cooktop cools down completely. Remove the caked residue with light pressure to avoid scratches.
  • Spread few drops of Cerama Bryte over the entire burned areas. This helps dissolve the hardened residue for easy scrubbing. After the entire residue has been removed, polished with the Cerama Bryte and a paper towel for further protection.
  • Spread the cleaner across the surface of the cooktop using the right kind of soft paper towel or cleaning pad. To remove the cleaner from the surface, dry paper towel can be used.
  • Use cleaning pads and cleaners that are designed for cleaning induction cook top to avoid from scratches and marks.
  • For Ceramic surface sprinkle a non-abrasive cleanser or baking soda over surface and then rub with a synthetic pad or sponge. To finish off, rinse well with water and then buff with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid using wet sponge or cloth on a hot panel.
  • For further protection soiled pots and pans should not set on the surface
  • Use the surface unit after the entire residue is completely removed. Any spillage can be removed with a paper towels or soft cloth immediately to avoid scratches.

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Make sure not to slide the pots and pans across the cooktop to avoid metal markings on the surface of the cooktop. If the pots happen to slide resulting in metal marking on ceramics, remove the stain using cleaning cream with scrub sponge and removed immediately before heating to avoid discoloration.

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