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If you want a hustle-free quick drink bottle that as it requires you only to tip the head back and press, at that point only look at the Gatorade squeeze bottle. This bottle incorporates a squeeze top cover that only needs to squeeze the bottle to rapidly apportion the liquid. In terms of being easy to use whereas sweating out in sports or exercise time, it’s also easy to clean afterward.

A High-Quality Gatorade Squeeze Bottle

Gatorade squeeze bottles are high-quality bottle that keeps people hydrated while they are playing or in gym fir exercise. Furthermore, the molded design helps to avoid slips and spills, will decrease the chance of leaking around the lid, also it’s more durable and easy to squeeze for instant hydration. Some features you must observe while buying a good quality squeeze bottle –

  • Diaphanous liquid-level pointer
  • Wide opening screw-on cover
  • An easy-grip design
  • Hands-free pressure-release allocator tip

Why You Need To Clean Your Bottle

These bottles can drop in a dark area in terms of requiring to be washed after long use. To avoid these dark spots or molds, we recommend cleaning your Gatorade bottles after every couple of uses. Every time you use the bottle, there are high chances you can exchanges different viruses and bacteria into the bottle through your mouthpiece. And these tiny microbes flourish in the damp environment, so cleaning your bottle appropriately will anticipate undesirable microbes in the liquid of your bottle.

Cleaning Through Dishwasher

Cleaning Through Dishwasher

 These bottles are very easy to clean through the dishwasher. Start off filling your sink with warm water and drop a little amount of dishwashing liquid in it. Take off your squeeze bottle to drench in the foamy water for some time. Soak it opening the valve so that you can cleanse the nozzle in the process. Now scrub the bottle thoroughly from the edge to bottom using a bottle brush. Rinse the bottle with water and keep it in the dry place to air dry.

Using Vinegar And Baking Soda

Using Vinegar and baking soda

There’s another way that has appeared in different studies that white vinegar and baking soda can successfully slaughter 82% of microbes. Fill up your bottle with a mixture of 1 tablespoon of baking soda and ½ cup of white vinegar. Now shake the heck out of your bottle until you get tired but remember that this is going to make a few bubbling like a major bubbling. Let this solution soak inside the bottle sometimes. Then through away the solution and clean your squeeze bottle enthusiastically with cleanser and hot water. You should use a bottle brush to scrub the bottle so all the molds come out. Vinegar will kill the microbes and soda helps to remove the bad odors from the bottle.

Drying The Bottle Parts

Drying the bottle parts

After washing your bottle, make sure you dry properly every part of the bottle- bottle, cover, and straw. Dry it airing upside down on any dry clean place. Once your bottle is dry properly, all unwanted odor will vanish and your bottle is ready to use again.

Does Antimicrobial Technology Help?

Does Antimicrobial Technology help

In some bottles, antimicrobial technology is added in bottle parts during the manufacture to prevent molds, stain-causing bacteria, and the growth of odor. Though it’s safe and effective however including the antimicrobial isn’t always suitable for customary cleaning and it doesn’t always fight against germs, viruses, and other bacterial disease-causing organisms.


Never forgot to wash before first use, now that you know the easiest way to clean your squeeze bottle, we recommend cleaning it every day, the more frequent you’ll clean your bottle, the safer you will be from all unwanted microbes.

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