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Are you always stressing out what to prepare for lunch or breakfast? You can try out Chorizo for a quick bite in the morning or in lunch.

Chorizo is an authentic processed meat that mainly originated from Mexico. It is also widely popular in Spain and some parts of Latin America. It’s basically a sausage made mostly of dried red chili pepper.

Hence, the sweet red color appears in visualization. You may find some green colored Chorizo sausages at markets. Those sausages are made from green chili peppers. We always recommend to use homemade chorizos because they are free from extra fat and contains healthy elements.

There are various ways you can cook Chorizo. You can either just steam or grill it or cook with different delicious food items.

To ease your pain, we’ve provided more details about Chorizo below and how to cook Chorizo. So, keep reading this article. Hopefully, you’ll get a scrumptious recipe for the next day meals!

What is Chorizo?

Chorizo is a type of sausage that is made of various species. It’s a pork sausage that come within many flavors. As we’ve already mentioned you’ll find red Chorizos and green Chorizos available in the market. The spice level varies according to different type.

However, we can classify this sausage into two categories mainly. One type is the complete raw sausage that is only processed meat with spices combined. You must cook it before you eat. It’s found mostly in Mexico and Latin America.

The other type Chorizo is partially cooked or smoked. This type of Chorizo can be eaten without cooking. You can serve them in breakfast or lunch. It’ll save you a lot of cooking time. This is generally known as the Spanish or European Chorizo.

Where can I Find Chorizo? 

You can buy Chorizo anywhere around the US in local grocery stores. Try to find the most authentic, safe, and fresh Chorizos while purchasing one. In this case, the local Mexican market and groceries can provide you with the perfect sausages. It might be hard sometimes to find these stores but all the hard work is worth it.

However, there are plenty of brands out there that have some excellent Chorizos in their items. These brands include Cacique, Supremo, Andy Garcia foods, El Mexicano, and Chorizo de San Manuel. You can also find Chorizo all across the country through internet. If not any of the outer Chorizos work for you, you always have an option making them at home.

What Pan should I Use?

While cooking Chorizo, you must be careful that the meat doesn’t get stuck at the bottom of your pan. Sometimes due to overheat or less oil, the Chorizo can cause stains. These stains burn more during the cooking time. Hence, cleaning the pans become much difficult than regular washing.

That’s why, we recommend using a nonstick frying pan or a cast iron skillet. These pan will protect your Chorizo burning and also the pans will be easy to clean. 

How to Cook Chorizo?

You can cook Chorizo in a few ways. You can either fry it or grill it. Barbecuing and Blanching Chorizos are also delicious to eat. A tip here, however you love to eat Chorizos, always take of the case before cooking. Now, let’s look at how to cook Chorizo.

1. Grilling

Grilled sausages are always savory to eat. You have to leave each side on the pan for about 7 minutes for an average thickness. Keep the oven on low heat. Once the skin are golden, flip them to the other side and cook in the same process. Make sure you have maintained the temperature to 70-degrees in the center.

2. Frying

For frying Chorizo, you’ll have to heat up some oil on the pan. We recommend using melted Lard (Pork Fat) so that you get a nice flavor on your Chorizo. Other oil won’t harm though. Just like the grilling process, you have to keep the temperature lower. High heat will easily burn down the Chorizos on the outside while remaining undercook from the inside.

So, our tactic here is to slowly cook it until the whole sausage becomes edible. Toss the Chorizo slices every now and then so that the sausages are evenly cooked. Turn them side by side and keep the uncooked side facing down the pan. After you see all the sides are perfectly cooked with a golden color on each sides, turn off the stove, and get your plates ready!

3. Blanch

Blanching means boiling the sausages in water. Pinch in some salt and make the water salty at first. Make sure the water is cold. Now, place the sausages into the water and turn on the stove to boil water in low heat.

Turn off the stove once you see the water bubbling. Leave it for 2 minutes, and take them out. You can use these sausages for barbecuing them. However, if you want you can eat it as it is.

4. Barbecuing

Here comes the most delicious type of cooking recipe. Place the blanched sausages on the barbecue and close the lids. You can use the raw meat too. Now half close the vents. Keep checking and turning whether they have been cooked. Maintain the temperature at a 70-degree just like in the other Chorizo cooking methods.

Once you’ve seen them turned all golden brown, you know your Chorizos are fully cooked. Take them out on a plate and serve them with some side dishes. Or, just eat it without anything. It tastes super delicious!

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