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We all know that cloves are a wonder spice as it imparts sweet, strong and spicy flavor to food. As an application of clove in moderation is desired, and to avoid over-seasoning, cloves are ground to powder and kept in bottles for occasional use. Although ground clover is available in the superstores, grinding whole spices at home is not a difficult job. Using the right instrument is the answer to ground cloves.

In this guide, we will give you the methods of how to grind cloves. You can grind with a manual machine or small powered grinders in no time to allow you to garnish the dish that desires a spicy flavor of cloves.

Methods of Grinding Cloves

Cloves can be ground with a manually operated grinder or powered grinder. Let us see those steps from the preparation to the end.

can you grind cloves in a blender


Preparation of Cloves for Grinding

Make sure your clove you bring from the market is clean. Otherwise, wipe portions of it with a paper towel. Do not wet the cloves. You may place it in the slightly heated oven for few minutes to make sure there is no moisture.

Use of Mortar and Pestle for Grinding

  1. Use a clean mortar and pestle, preferably granite. Wooden and ceramic may not give you the best result.
  2. Take batches of cloves to fill only one-third of the mortar.
  3. By holding the mortar with one hand and the pestle with the other, twist the cloves. Continue until you can crush to the consistency you like.
  4. Pour in a bottle, and store in a clean and dry place. You may use a sprinkler bottle and use it as your recipe demands.

How to Grind Cloves

Use of Mini Food Processor

  • Toss the cloves in the food processor. Switch on the device. Begin grinding by pushing the start button. Go to a higher speed. Switch on and off every few minutes. Stop and see if some ground portions have accumulated.

how to grind your own cloves

  • Use a moderate to fine sieve (depends on how fine you want) and return the bigger particles to the grinder.
  • Grind again and sieve. Do portions of it at a time to finish your ground clove.
  • Save in a clean dry jar. Store in a cool place.

This is one of the best ways to grind cloves.

What to Look in a Clove Grinder?

Cloves like any other spices require a grinder that can crush the dry solid parts very well. Therefore, if you want to grind your spices at home for a fresh flavor, the grinder must be able to perform well. While purchasing you may be confused, a grinder would be best, as there are many brands with multiple features available in the market.

Let us see some of the popular grinders so that you can make a choice.

1. The SHARDOR Coffee & Spice Grinder

This is an ideal appliance for grinding coffee beans and spices. The grinder has two stainless steel cups each with a unique set of the blade. The cup with two-blades is for dry ingredients, the cup with four-blades is for wet grinding. The cups are removable from the grinder machine. They are simple to clean and dishwasher safe. The grinder has a motor of 200 watts and strong enough to grind nuts, coffee and spices.

how to grind cloves with a grinder

The grinder takes only 15-30 seconds to grind a mixture of spices. The lid of the cup has a seal, which tightly holds on to the bowl, and prevents splashes. One thing to remember not to use a coffee grinder for grinding spices, as the aroma of coffee will spoil the flavor of spices.

2. KRUPS Spice Grinder

A grinder is most suited for grinding cloves and other spices is the KRUPS Spice Grinder. The grinding bowls are of stainless and easily removable storage sealed lid that helps store your spice. The machine features a one-touch operating system, produces very little noise. It is dishwasher-friendly. The appliance is available with a 2-yr warranty.

3. Aicok Spice and Coffee Grinder

Aicok Spice and Coffee grinder are good for crushing coffee beans, all kinds of spices and herbs, nuts, pumpkin, and linseed seeds. The grinder is of a solid construction and durable. The triangular grinding basket grinds the spices to various coarseness depending on the incremental increase of time of grinding and at varied rates for different materials.

coffee grinder machine

The lid is transparent and allows you to see the process of grinding. This spice and coffee grinder operates with one-touch. The appliance is sleek and lightweight; therefore, storage is very convenient.

4. Aigostar Electric Grinder

The Aigostar Electric Grinder is one of the best grinders for cloves, other spices, nuts and coffee beans. The device is only one pound in weight but has the capacity of grinding 6 grams of ingredients. The blades are of ultra-stainless steel and very sharp. The spices crush to powder instantly. The lid is transparent with a safety switch to prevent spills out.

electric coffee grinder

This portable spice grinder runs on 15 watts, simple to clean, and easy to carry.

5. Cuisinart Spice And Nut Grinder

You will find this Cuisinart Spice and Nut Grinder very useful for grinding clover. The machine has a one-touch operating system, with an in-built safety interlock ensuring simple operation. The blades are razor-sharp and grind spices in no time.

spice grinder

The bowl is stainless steel made, removable, easy to wash, and dishwasher safe. Extra spices is easy to store in lid space. The appliance weighs only one pound and consumes 200 watts of electricity. The grinder comes with a 1.5 years warranty.


If you choose any of these grinders, grinding clover to a powder form will become an undemanding job. Grinders are great instruments for day-to-day use. These small appliances consume minor power, are durable, and easy to store and clean.

You can enjoy the fresh smell of clover and other spices if you know how to grind from the simple instruction that comes with the device.

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