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Preparing your dishes on time and keeping them warm is the most crucial of any cooking. When the main course is “mashed potatoes,” it becomes more problematic to keep them creamy and temperate while serving. Because they hardly take a bit more time to convert into dry and blackened.

Eventually, your family, friends, or visitors would love to apply these methods following your footsteps. The upcoming THANKSGIVING DAY of 2022 would be memorable with this sweet dish that can turn out in a game-changer.

There are a few approaches to keeping mashed potatoes whipped. We will briefly discuss every possible way to keep mashed potatoes safe from getting hard.

The Use of Metal Bowl or Double Boiler: The Simplest Method

These bowls are more insulating pans that keep mashed potatoes perfectly warm for at least for two hours. You can use these bowls to serve dishes as well. Before putting food on it, you need to cook potatoes on a slow cooker.

So, the task is to keep your mashed potatoes in a heat-resistant bowl over a container of warm water, and then, you need the best-fit foil paper or a lid to cover the bowl. Be careful with your water, do not let them be dry or over-heat. Before serving, try to swash a bit of dairy milk, creamy essence, butter, and anything that keeps them in a flexible heat.

Also, you just need to place your mashed potatoes in a crock-pot or the mentioned heat-proof bowl on the stove. This method applies to people who have limited kitchen cookware. Do not let the water evaporate. Rather you can just turn off the heat after you finish keeping them warm. Make sure your potatoes have well-balanced both heat and aqua during cooking.

The Slow Cooker

For example, you have previously-cooked mashed potatoes in the refrigerator, and you want them to eat now in a soft and kind of velvety nature. This situation is pretty ordinary to people who are familiar with mashed potatoes. However, the slow cooker is one of the user-friendly kitchen appliances to rely on.

Steps for Using the Slow-Cooker to Prepare Mashed Potatoes:

1. Butter-coat your mashed potatoes or use cooking spray to oil the slow cooker before inserting them.

2. Also, preheat your oven. After that, reheat your potatoes in the microwave oven, after bringing them out from the cold storage.

3. Keep your cooker on so that it remains warm at the time of pouring your potatoes.

4. Keep your cooker at the lowest heat. Here, potatoes will remain smooth and warm without being dried out. Even if they go dried up, try to splash milk or butter-coat again.

Time to Keep Potatoes in the Cooking Pot

· Then, mash your potatoes and keep them in the cooking pot with a lid.

How Long your Mashed Potatoes Remain Warm in a Cooking Pot?

The length of time absolutely depends on the ingredients of your mashed potatoes and the temp capacity of your slow cooker.

To sum up,

1. Reheat your potatoes in the oven.

2. Then, re-warm in the slow cooker/ a cooking pot.

Another Way to Retain Your Potatoes Warm

1. Keep your potatoes in an air-sealed bag and place them in low-heat on the stove.

2. Defrost the potatoes by placing them with a high-covered towel on a heating pad.

3. Or, reheat the potatoes on an electric-powered tray.

We want our mashed potatoes served at a perfect temperature before our guests, and we cannot simply deny the possible ways to keep them warm. The procedures regarding the slow-cooker and the cooking pot also apply to one day before the actual event.

At the last moment, you need to splash the previous-mentioned products (butter, milk) to keep their gravy and moist. Also, you can squeeze out a few cloves of garlic, or add creamy cheese.

Besides, to keep your potatoes warm, you should follow putting potatoes in any container (bowl, container, and Tupperware) with wrapping plastic paper to prevent them from forming.

Have you ever thought of mashed potatoes prepared in restaurants? Their mysterious flavor is nothing but a variety of ingredients, including creamy cheese and butter.

How to Keep Mashed Potatoes WarmHow to Keep Mashed Potatoes Warm

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Keep Your Mashed Potatoes Warm for a Short While:

In this case, try out the previously-mentioned second approach, that is, cover the potatoes with a towel without looking for placing into a pan or the cooking pot. In this method, you will not require any butter or milk to keep them warm. Also, by applying this method, you can keep your potatoes warm for at least for twenty-minutes.

A Water Bath is to The Rescue!

It is another method by which you can keep mashed potatoes inside a big pot on the simmering burner. It does not need any extra ingredients to add.

Recommendation for Reheating Mashed Potatoes

Some people suggest not re-warming mashed potatoes using the slow-cooker, as the cooker would not be able to get them in safe-eating temperature. Rather they recommend using the microwave-oven, or the gas burner to get the exact heat. As we explained earlier, this method requires frequent adding liquids.

On the other hand, reheating mashed potatoes by adding some water or milk can eradicate the basic balance of taste. That should not be the goal of getting perfect mashed potatoes.

Further, keeping potatoes warm completely depends on how efficiently you have retained nutrients. Now, you have to decide which approaches you are going to have to gain your potatoes in a soft and warm place. Select the well-suited approach that makes your task easy, faster, and less time-consuming.


So, this is how you are going to present an exemplary dish effortlessly at the base temperature. Whatever the occasion is, you would love to get appreciation by following these small steps.

As we said earlier, do not forget to preserve the expected nutrients and tastes of your food while reheating. Your heating method may differ, but your goal should not be.

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