How To Keep Rice From Boiling Over?




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Rice, one kind of starchy cereal grain that produce by green grass plant and cooked by boiling. For half of the world people, it becomes the basic source of energy. That fight against malnutrition and provide protein, fiber, vitamin B, manganese, iron etc.

When we cook rice sometimes, we made some mistakes. And for this reason, we spoil the actual taste of rice.

Wrong cooking way, wrong measurement of water, insufficient container, heat measurement and many other mistakes that generally we made, in that case we face over boiling problem.

Rice starch is the main reason of over boiling rice. If you use more starchy rice for cooking you would must face this problem.

To save you from your pain I write some important topic here that would help you most. So, wave your eyes on this topic and take one that you could apply to solve your problem.

Different Causes That Boil Over The Rice

1.Excess of starch:

Rice starch is the more related answer of the question ‘Why rice cooker boil over?’ This starch is removed by good rinsing. But some contains high range of starch that could not remove by this way.

Excess of starch

For this when you cooked rice, this starch mixed with boiling water and creates soapy, foamy large bubbles. These foams started to find their way on the top of the rice cooker and become the cause of over boil.

2. Excess of water:

Using too much water may also become the reason of over boiling. If your water measurement is high from actual need, it would create this problem. So, its very important to know the actual limit of water that you should place in the basin.

In that case, you have to make sure that the rice and water measurement must be right.

Excess of water for boiling rice

3. Little container:

Little container is another cause of over boiling. If you select wrong cooker which is not sufficient to keep rice and water perfectly, it could be the reason of over boil.

Little rice boiler

So, firstly take your necessary rice and water then select a cooker that perfectly put you cooking ingredients until your cook is finished.

How Could You Protect Your Rice From Over Boil?

In the above, I mentioned the reason of over boil. So, lets walk for the next work “How could you prevent this problem?”

Fortunately, we have several ideas those can help us to solve this problem. If you want to enjoy your rice without any mess, you can follow the tips that I given below.

  • Use the right amount of water:

Right water measurement is very important for cooking rice. If you use high amount of water than rice, it may the reason of over boil and lost of actual taste.

Water should be double than rice at cooking time. So, don’t take more than that.

  • Should wash your rice before cooking:

Washing rice before cooking is most important tips to stop rice from over boiling.

Generally, rice is a starchy grain and this starch is the main issue of over boiling rice. So, to prevent the excess of starch you should wash your particular rice before cooking.

But, “do you know how to wash rice perfectly before cooking?

There has some method about washing rice. You could apply them and hopefully they may help you to get better result. So, lets see them.

Firstly, you need 4 ingredients: –

  1. Rice
  2. Water
  3. A bowl (Mixing or large size) and
  4. A strainer.

i) Take a bowl and pour rice:

Put rice into the particular bowl. This bowl must have enough place to hold the rice and water perfectly and sufficient for stirring.

ii) Pour water:

Fill the bowl with water and remember this water must cover the rice completely. Have to use cold water but not ice cold. Its better, if you collect water that comes from room temperature.

iii) Stir the rice with hand:

Before stirring you should wash your hand. Then stir the rice with your hands, pick up and move around this rice.

In this way, the extra starch of the rice starts to come off.

iv) Put out the starch water:

After stirring the rice pour out this starchy water. If you want to use this water for other dishes you can store that to other bowl or container.

This time you can notice that the water being poured out appears cloudy and milky. After this step you can reduce the amount of starch from rice.

v) Punch the rice:

After pouring water from the rice, you start to punch the rice with the help of your hands in the bowl.  That helps to rub the rice against starch. Continuously do this work until the rice clear mostly. But you have to do this work lightly.

vi) Absorb your rice:

It’s an optional step but it would help to save your cooking time. So, permit your rice to sit for 30 minutes to absorb. For soaking take a strainer and put the rice into it.

vii) Use olive oil, butter or coconut oil:

Can use olive oil, butter or coconut oil to get relieve from this problem. You can use this oil by cooking spray. Spray this oil over the rice at cooking time.

viii) Try different kinds of rice:

This is the last tips for you. After using above all the tips and not get any proper thing then try different kinds of rice. If your usable rice is starchier, try other one that contains least starch.

If you follow above all this tips, perhaps it will bring good outcome for you.

What Kind Of Rice You Should Select?

Obviously, you should select the rice which has least starch. Every kind of rice not contains the same amount of starch. So, to prevent over boiling problem you should find out the rice that contains poor amount of starch.

types of rice for boiling

Two different types of starch we generally found in rice. There are:

  • Amylose and
  • Amylopectin

Amylopectin starch is stickier than Amylose starch. That high in short grain rice. Works great to create something like rice pudding or risotto.

On the other hand, Amylose is highly founded in long grain white rice. It helps to save kernels of rice from getting mushy.

best rice for boiling

If you face rice starchy problem, you can use these types of rice that contains low Amylopectin starch or high Amylose starch. Can use:

  1. Basmati rice
  2. Jasmine rice
  3. Long grain white rice etc.


In this article, I just describe all the things those will help you to solve your problem as much as possible.

This article mentioned the reasons of over boiling and also solving ways. Stated the rice names those you can use for getting relieve from this over boiling problem.

So, be alert at cooking time and follow all the tips that I narrated above for your assistance.

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