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Are you frustrated by serving dry leftovers of baked potatoes to your family? If so, then now is the time to educate yourself on reheating baked potatoes. We’re sure you must have thought about doing that at some point in your life.

While enjoying them right out of the oven is the best way to enjoy this dish, there’s nothing absurd with having leftovers. As long as you know the proper method of reheating, you’re good to go. Luckily, we have compiled a variety of ways for you.

After you’re done reading this article, we bet you’ll be enlightened. After all, potatoes are the best comfort food. Even learning new things about them can be somewhat pleasant.

So, here is everything you need to know about reheating baked potatoes and more. 

How To Store Baked Potatoes for Reheating?

The most important thing you should do to ensure that your baked potatoes can be reheated is to store them. Before you put them in the fridge, make sure the dish is cool. Besides that, remove all the toppings as well. 

Below are the two methods of storing your baked potatoes.


If you’re planning to have your dish within two days, then keeping them in the fridge is the best idea. Please place them in a zip bag or an airtight box and then keep them in the refrigerator. Whatever you do, just don’t leave the potatoes uncovered.

That is because their color can change if not stored the right way.


Are you planning to keep leftovers for more than two days? If so, then place them in the freezer. Keep in mind to once again put the dish in a freezer bag or a container. This will allow you to store your baked potatoes for as long as three months.

Is It Necessary To Thaw Baked Potatoes Before Reheating?

If you want your work to be easy, then yes, you do need to thaw. Let them thaw in the fridge a night before reheating. This ensures that you can reheat your spud with different appliances. 

How To Reheat A Baked Potato

How To Reheat A Baked Potato

Potatoes are the best sidelines that you can have with your favorite steak. It even goes well with fresh grilled salmon. However, sometimes we may overestimate our capability of eating. 

As a result, we end up having more leftover baked potatoes than we imagined. In such a situation, you should improvise rather than letting them go to waste. Just store them according to the techniques and eat when you want to.

If you want the same crispier skin, we recommend using the oven to reheat and re-bake the baked potato. Here are the instructions you should follow.

Steps To Follow

  1. Preheat your oven at the temperature, 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Place your dish directly onto the oven grill. You can also put it on a baking sheet in a tray and put that in the oven.
  3. Let the baked potato reheat for about twenty minutes.
  4. Once the time finishes, take it out and leave it to cool.

After the dish has cooled a bit, it is safe to eat. You should keep in mind to put whole potatoes in the oven. Don’t slice them if you want your spud to be as juicy as it was the first time.

How Can You Reheat A Baked Potato In A Microwave?

Baked potatoes taste best when served fresh. But if you require reheating them, then using the most liked kitchen appliance also works. Yes, we are talking about the microwave.

Although, there is some prep you need to do before reheating in a microwave. Luckily, we know all the ways to reheat a baked potato in a microwave.

Steps To Follow

  1. Cut your baked potatoes from the middle into two pieces.
  2. Place each slice into a dampened paper towel.
  3. Put the wrapped pieces in a microwave-safe container.
  4. Microwave your baked potatoes in a medium setting till fully heated. 
  5. The time of reheating depends on the sizes of your spuds. But typically, it should take about two or three minutes for thorough heating.

As a standard rule, you should ensure that there are no toppings on the baked potatoes. Otherwise, they would leak and ruin the taste of the dish. It will also make your microwave messy.

However, if you have a twice-baked potato with the toppings inside, that’s another case. Here are the details you should remember if you want to reheat a twice-baked potato.

  • You can do the reheating in an oven as well as a microwave.
  • Many people prefer to freeze their twice-baked potatoes and then reheat them.
  • You can reheat the frozen dish directly in the oven, or you can let it thaw overnight.
  • The same steps as above apply to this dish as well.
  • We prefer to microwave our potatoes first. Then heat them in the oven on a broiler setting for just a few minutes. This helps in achieving crispy outer skin and soft inner fixings.

How To Reheat A Baked Potato On The Stove?

We understand that many of you may not have appliances such as an oven or microwave. Or some of you may prefer the traditional way of reheating. However, if you store cut-up potatoes, then you will like this method.

The dish may not be as tasty as when you heat them in the appliances. But it’s still better than cold and dry potatoes.

Steps To Follow

  1. Take your dish out of storage and let it come to room temperature.
  2. Meanwhile, take out a non-stick frying pan and spray it with a small quantity of oil. Keep it on the stove at low, medium heat.
  3. Once the pan warms up, place your potatoes with their face down.
  4. Secure the pan with a lid and decrease the heat to low.
  5. Cook the dish for 3 to 4 minutes until steam appears on the lid. Observe to ensure they don’t burn.
  6. Now take off the lid and increase the heat to medium again. At the same time, flip all baked potatoes continuously. 
  7. Make sure the edges of the skin are crispy.
  8. Take out the potatoes on a plate and check if all of them have heated thoroughly. If not, put them in the pan again and cook for another few minutes.

Once your baked dish has warmed fully, you can add the necessary toppings and enjoy. This method is effective for not letting the potatoes dry out.

Other Methods Of Reheating

Below are some quick ways to reheat your baked potatoes.

Air Fryer

An air fryer is a great way to enjoy crispy leftover baked potatoes. It is also good to use if any of your family members have health issues. First, you have to warm up your air fryer to 350 degrees. Then place the baked potatoes and reheat for 3 to 4 minutes.

The only drawback of using an air fryer is that it’s small. So, you will have to take turns for heating if you have a lot of leftovers.


If you want to enjoy the outdoors spontaneously, you can use leftovers instead of doing any extra cooking. The first step is to wrap your dish into aluminum foil and put it on the grill. Ensure that the temperature is 400 degrees.

You should cook them for ten to fifteen minutes and rotate them at the halfway mark. This allows you to ensure that the skin remains crispy. However, keep in mind it can be tricky to turn on the grill if you don’t know your way around it.

Toaster Oven

Are you worried you don’t have a regular oven to reheat leftovers? Well, worry no more. A toaster oven will work just as fine as the normal one.

Firstly, you should preheat the appliance to about 350 degrees. Then place the dish on the rack and warm for twenty minutes. Ensure the potato is whole and not cut up into pieces. 

Once heated through, let it cool for a few minutes and serve the delicious meal.

Common Questions Related To Reheating Baked Potatoes

Here are answers to some questions that may have come up in your mind. 

Can You Reheat Frozen Baked Potatoes?

Yes, you can reheat all types of baked potatoes directly out of the freezer. Just unwrap your dish in a baking tray and cover it with aluminum foil. Bake at 425 degrees for about 45 minutes or until thoroughly heated.

Is It Safe To Consume Reheated Baked Potatoes?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to have reheated dish as long as you stored it correctly. If you missed it, we have mentioned the proper methods above. 

How Many Times Can We Reheat A Baked Potato?

You can reheat leftovers as many times as you want. But our recommendation is not to reheat baked potatoes more than once. That is because each time, the taste will lessen, and the dish will become drier.

Bottom Line

That was your complete guide on how to reheat a baked potato. We hope you found this information helpful and fun to read. Do try out the above methods and select the one that’s best for you.

Also, make sure to follow all the tips we’ve mentioned. They will surely help you to reheat the dish in the best way and enjoy the taste.

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