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The world is becoming more and more eco-friendly from the apparent need of progressing towards finding a better ecological and environment-friendly balanced world. We have started to work towards revolutionizing every aspect of our lives which also include kitchen needs.

Kitchen needs not only mean changes in the type of kitchen appliances we use and will continue to do so, it also indicates the type of food we must thrive to consume. Vegetables have been ranked as the healthiest to be included in a balanced diet. Instant Pots are all the rage right now as a kitchen appliance.

So, why not take them together and try creating delicious meals which are also the kind of foods your body will thank you for as well as the environment?

About Instant Pot

A super time and space saver kitchen appliance which is multipurpose as well? That’s right. That is what the Instant Pot is all about.

About Instant Pot

Exactly how multipurpose an Instant Pot is, you may ask. Well, the Instant Pot can be used for a myriad of cooking recipes. And yes, it is that convenient. It can be used to cook eggs, rice, vegetables etc. and much more!

The instant Pot is actually not the equivalent of a pressure cooker or a slow cooker. It is different but so much more efficient. The reason behind that is, an Instant Pot can do all of the things that a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, and a crock pot can do. It has lots of functions that can be used to prep and cook a verity of dishes.

The Instant Pot is easy to clean as well. It takes minimal effort and takes up very little space. That is why it is a great start to focus on while thinking about being more efficient in the kitchen.

Why Steamed Vegetables Can Be A Viable Option?

It is not for the sake of the trend-setting norms that steamed vegetables have gained so much uproar in recent years. Vegetables cooked this way are said to be one of the healthiest as well as a very easy meal to prepare, especially in the modern minimalistic and busy daily schedules.

Why Steamed Vegetables Can Be A Viable Option

There is a misconception regarding the fact that vegetables are tasteless and not fun to eat. That is absolutely not true. It is necessary to know how to season right and prepare the meals correctly. Once that’s done, you can easily enjoy a delicious meal made entirely of vegetables and love to have it!

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How To Steam Vegetables In An Instant Pot

It is possible to make delicious steamed vegetables in an Instant Pot with minimal time and with lesser hassle than you think you might have to go through. Here are some instructions to help you through the process. This instruction will be in accordance to having a steamer basket.


  • Prep your choice of vegetables (washed and cut)
  • Fill the Instant Pot with a cup of water

How To Steam Vegetables In Instant Pot3

  • Place the steamer basket that the pot is equipped with where you must arrange your vegetables after cutting them up
  • You have to make sure that the water level is not touching the steamer basket or any of the vegetables; otherwise, you might get boiled vegetables. While boiled vegetables are not a bad option to eat vegetables, boiling them will certainly ruin the nutritional value which you do not want to lose. This is why the steamed vegetables are preferred in the first place
  • Secure the lid of your Instant Pot and seal it carefully. This is an important part of the process so it has to be done with caution
  • Release the valve of the lid to ensure that the lid is sealed with the pot
  • Select the option named “Manual” or “Pressure Cooking”
  • Set the cook on high pressure
  • Set the time for 10 minutes

How To Steam Vegetables In Instant Pot2The pot will beep to inform that the time is up (the screen will read L0:00) and you have to release the valve so that the Instant Pot can release the pressure and go to Venting mode

  • The steam will be automatically released and the floating valve will drop
  • Then you can remove the lid and stop the cooking process by pressing “Cancel”
  • It will require caution to remove the steamer basket since it will be piping hot
  • You will need to set the basket aside since the vegetables will be tender and steamed
  • perfectly, and drain the water from the pot
  • After that, you can sauté your freshly steamed vegetables, or make a simple steamed salad
  • To sauté on the Instant Pot you can use the “Sauté” option available on the Instant Pot and cook it on the pot itself

Pro-tip: Season with salt and ground pepper (of your choice) to taste. You can sauté then with olive oil and a bit of garlic powder or paste or even minced garlic which will provide a wonderful and delicious aroma as well as amazing taste.

You can even store the rest of the meal if there are any leftovers in containers that are airtight by refrigerating them for almost a week. These can prove to be delicious in salads and serve as toppings as well.

There you have it! This is the most efficient and easy way to steam vegetables in an Instant Pot. Furthermore, you have just saved a ton of time out of your busy life and can have a healthy, not to mention, absolutely delicious vegetable meal.

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