How to Trim Brussel Sprouts: Everything You Need to Know




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It’s astounding how some people don’t like veggies; especially Brussel sprouts.

There mini-cabbage like greens are super easy to prepare and can go with potentially everything. So, if you’re one of the elites and love a good sharing of Brussel sprouts, raise your hand!

We absolutely love how they look like perfectly-grown baby cabbages after being slides open. After being roasted, they have a very strong toasty flavor, almost similar to candy.

Just like the crackling on a nicely bruised cut of chicken or pork, it’s really hard to not love the little charred, crispy leaves lying on the baking sheet after you take them out of the oven.

There are so many ways to enjoy this veggie, and you can try them after you know how to trim Brussel sprouts with a few different methods.

Alternatively, you can keep them raw and shred them for the fresh, crunchy bite. Or, you could halve and roast them for a stellar side-dish with chicken, steak, or tofu. 

The possibilities are endless. Give them a good vinaigrette shower, toss some into your gnocchi and coat in pesto, simply roast with an olive oil and mixed herbs concoction. The pantry is your limit!

Like mentioned before, the taste of Brussels sprouts is reminiscent of cabbages. Generally, you remove the cabbage’s core to during the preparation stage, so it would seem logical to do the same with Brussels sprouts.

However, there really is no need as Brussels sprouts would break apart if you separated the core, leaving your bowl filled with little leaves.

On that thought, that is perfect for a light serving of Brussels sprouts chips (toss with oil and fry/bake till crispy!)

Okay, okay, now let’s talk about how to actually prep this veggie that we speak so highly of:

How to Trim Brussels Sprouts

Ingredients: 1 pound Brussels sprouts

To Halve

1. If the sprouts are somewhat big or have a thicker core, cut them into halves or quarter pieces. Uniformity matters if you care for it. If the sprouts are on the smaller end, leave them whole.

2. Slice vertically to get those uniform (or not) halves of Brussels sprout.

To Shred

1. Slice off and throw away the bottom part of the sprouts, alongside any discolored or wilted bits. Slice them in halves like instructed in the first part.

2. Place the halves with the cut sides facing down and slice horizontally to shred. The thinner the slices, the better the shredding will be.

To Fine Shred

1. Separate the stem end of each Brussels sprouts. Discard any discolored or wilted leaves.

2. Time to take the good ol’ food processor out. Use the fine shredding disc attachment and throw the Brussels sprouts in. Give it a few good blitz and you’ve successfully shred your Brussels sprouts.

You will lose some leaves in the process and that’s okay. Throw them out if they’re discolored. Add them with the larger pieces if they’re nice.

This is especially amazing if you’re roasting the Brussels sprouts. The broken leaves just take on a delectable crispy texture with that slightly burnt flavor. Seriously good!

How to Pick the Freshest Brussels Sprouts

When shopping for these yummy veggies, here are the things you should look into:

  • The sprouts feel firm, tightly-packed, and dense when you squeeze them.
  • Have a vibrant green color. Not too many yellowing leaves or browned ones.
  • Brussels sprouts season gives the best produce (naturally). September to March is the time to pick these veggies up.

What to Cook with Brussels Sprouts

In themselves, Brussels sprouts are super simple ingredient. There isn’t much going on, but you can still taste the richness of the veggie if you’re cooking them in a good way.

A Classic Recipe: Roasted Brussels Sprouts

It doesn’t get any easier than this!

You could whip up a batch of perfectly Brussels sprouts with three ingredients: Brussels sprouts (obviously!), olive oil, and seasoning.

1. Toss the Brussels sprouts with oil. You can do this in a large mixing bowl or directly spread them out on the baking sheet and pour oil over them.

2. Arrange them properly on the baking sheet. Keep the sprouts at a distance if you really want that crisp.

3. Season properly with salt and pepper. Don’t forget this step or legend has it that Gordon Ramsay will chase you with two pieces of bread to call you an idiot sandwich! Okay, maybe not that, but it’s super crucial for the desired taste.

4. Flip the Brussels sprouts to place them cut-side-down. If there are stray leaves, just nestle them around the pods and it should be fine.

5. Pop them in the oven and wait till the Brussels have taken on a nice, golden brown color on the top and bottom.

6. Take them out and it’s time for the final taste test. If the dish still needs to seasoning to match your taste, don’t be shy to put some more!

Okay, so what if you’re completely tired of the same old roasted Brussels sprouts? Mix it up!

Here’s everything you can try out:

  • Cajun seasoning
  • Italian seasoning
  • Taco seasoning
  • Za’atar seasoning
  • Everything bagel seasoning

If you have some leftover salad dressing, this is a great way to put them to the use.

You could toss your Brussels sprouts in this and call it a day, or if you’re feeling fancy, try adding bits of chicken, carrots, radishes, and much more. 

Cheese is a fantastic accompaniment to Brussels. Grated Parmesan cheese on roasted Brussels sprouts, or crumbled feta, goat, blue cheese will give a dash of tang.

Also read: 4 Simple Wild Rice Recipes You Must Try!


Now that you know how to trim Brussels sprouts, does it give you the inspiration to create something yourself, or try the existing delicious recipes?

Next time you’re in the market, make sure to get some Brussels sprouts for good health and great taste.

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