Why is Induction Cooking the Future of Cooking?




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Some have begun to refer to induction cooking as ‘cooking by the numbers’, probably because the electronic touch controls render it so much ease as well as precision. Well, complicated as it may sound, wasn’t it numbers that also eased our lives a lot more? Yes, induction cooktops, whether you see it the same way or not, are growing in reputation for power and precision. Like Apple’s famed inventions, Induction technology is set to change our everyday cooking forever. Induction cooktops are evolving into one of the most sought after cooktops in both domestic and professional choices.

Benefits of Induction Cooking

The appeal of induction cooking is especially strong among the younger generations and for fair reasons. Though certain cooks continue to assert their preference for gas cooktops over induction for their own justified but personalized reasons, a serious kitchen upgrade would consider the following factors:

Ultimate Control of Temperature

A good cook would consider a cooktop’s refinement in temperature adjustment because proficiency over temperature control is important. The cook’s expertise well depends on cooking different items at the right temperature.

An induction cooktop as you know features higher refinement than other cooktops. With its astonishing precision of temperature, and that too with such spontaneity, most of us may even lose control over the temperature on our first tries. An induction cooktop offers a wide range of fine temperature settings.

Energy Efficiency

Because an induction cooktop operates not by applying heat to the cookware but by the resistant heat that the ferromagnetic cookware heats itself up, wastage of energy is checked very effectively.


Unlike traditional cooktops, the burner surface itself is not heated and therefore you will have a relatively cooler kitchen. The burner surface itself remains cool and no heat is transferred to the kitchen surrounding, which means no more unbearably sweaty summers.

Advanced Safety Features

An induction cooktop is far safer than any of the traditional cooktops. Except for the fact that electricity may not be ever present in every place as of now, induction cooktop are most reliable. Cooktops running on propane gas may be a popular option. However to think of it, propane gas tanks prove to be a potential hazard and has the added disadvantage of transporting inconveniences.

Besides in an induction cooktop, the burner surface will not induce any material other than ferromagnetic cookwares to heat up. So, you are safe from all heat hazards. Whether it is your kid’s palm that is placed on the burner or the cat that walks over it, you know very well there is no chance of the burner heating up, so they are safe.

And even if you cook for long hours, the cooktop will shut itself off once it reaches the set temperature limit which is wonderful feature.


Neat-freaks will love induction cooktops, and even if you are not the most careful of people, it is fairly easy to maintain cleanliness when cooking with an induction cooktop. This is because the burners remain cool and don’t really burn up grease or grime so it is super easy to swipe the smooth surface clean and shiny with just a damp cloth. Besides, the edges don’t gather dirt or oily deposits because their sleek surfaces are sealed.

Environment Friendly

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Induction cooktops are environmentally safe to use with hardly any polluting smoke residual even in our homes. It is clean and healthy to cook on an induction cooktop, and that is probably why inductions cooktops are emerging to be one of the most promising upgrade from the old “heated” way of cooking to the new “cool and smokeless” way of cooking.


Many posh restaurants are plunging mainstream by upgrading to induction cooking. Well, culinary arts have been redefined. It could definitely be induction cooktops that add a fine finesse to the culinary arts; that the chefs of our generation are enhancing their practice. It is the new, the fresh and amazing technology that is slowly revolutionizing even our cooking habits.

One of our major apprehensions (naturalgourmetinstitute.com – Why the Apprehensions about Upgrading to Induction Cooking) is probably that induction cooktops are huge investment and we may be scared to make the big leap. But in fact, most of the brands seem to have considered a price cut ever since the new surge for fresh technology mellowed down. Now that the technology-hype phenomena have receded, most induction cooktops are available at reasonable prices.

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