Is Induction Cooktop Worth an Upgrade? Induction Cooktop Cons and Pros




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At the very outset, I should say that induction cooking is really worth the upgrade for many good reasons in contrast with conventional gas and electric cooktops. (Also read induction cooktop FAQs).

Induction cooking is the latest cooking technology that brings smile to many chefs, homemakers and for those who have the passion for cooking.  Let’s have a look at some of the interesting features of induction cooking and see whether it is really worth the upgrade or not.

  • Speed in cooking is one of the advantages we have in induction cooking. As the pot or pan itself is the source of energy, there is hardly any loss of energy between the pot and the cooktop. The transfer of heat to the food is almost 90%. Therefore, you can cook much faster and save a lot of time.
  • Ease of cleaning is one of the best advantages you can count on because it is very smooth without knobs or crevices. All you have to do is just get a piece of damp cloth and wipe it. It is as simple as that.
  • Power efficiency is another interesting feature of induction cooktop because it consumes very low power and due to high speed of induction, power usage is the least.
  • Clear led display for setting makes induction cooking very simple.
  • Induction cooktops come with auto burn sensors and therefore you will never experience burnt food as the cooktop shuts off automatically once it sense overheat of the surface.
  • It is very safe for naughty kids at home from accidental burns because there are no open flames and as the pot is the source of energy, the cooktop is just warm to the touch due to residual heat of the pot.
  • Induction cooktops are environment friendly as it does not emit toxic smoke that pollutes the atmosphere unlike gas and radiant electric coils do.

Now let us compare induction with electric and gas cooktops and find out if it is really worth the upgrade.

Electric and Gas cooktops is no match for induction in terms of speed because the source of energy from the cooktop transfers heat indirectly to the pot. While transferring heat only 40 to 55% of it reaches the food, while induction cooktops transfer 90% of heat to the food. Normally, a huge difference in speed of cooking takes place. In the case of electric cooktops, the radiant coils transfer heat indirectly to the pot and so there are losses of energy in between the source and the pot like what it is in gas cooktops. However, the loss is comparatively lower than gas. About 60 to 70% of heat reaches the food.

Cleaning is a mess for many homemakers after cooking with spillage on the pots as well as the cooktops. Gas and electric cooktops have crevices and control knobs which make cleaning very tough. In the case of induction, cleaning of the smooth top is just a breeze.

Radiant coils or open flames from electric and gas cooktops have more possibilities for accidental burns rather than induction cooktops as it is flameless. Parents with naughty kids are tension free from kitchen accidents.

Compared with induction cooktops, people using gas and electric cooktops have higher expenditure out of power bills. Moreover, while cooking with gas and electric cooktops, you don’t have as much freedom as that of using induction cooktop.

Here are Some Induction Cooktops Cons to Consider

There are no products, which are perfect without drawbacks, and so is the case with induction cooktops.

  • Induction cooktops cost more than conventional cooktops
  • Induction cooktops have special cookwares that attract a magnet like iron and steel. Therefore, you need to spend extra dollars for buying separate cookwares.
  • If you have an outage for some reason, power is an issue because it works only where there is electric connection.

Now considering all the features that you get from induction cooking compared with conventional cooking, the technology is very much an upgrade. It might cost you more but you get more benefit out of it. The onward development in cooking technology is worth a big applause for the engineers who did the research for simplifying life in the kitchen.

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