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Are you planning to upgrade or remodel your kitchen?

There are endless conversations and discussions about choosing the right cooking appliances. The discussion on Induction Vs electric cooking has not been left out either. Whether you are upgrading your kitchen or switching cooking appliances, we definitely look for something that excites us. And, in the process of selecting the best cooking appliances there are many factors that influence our decision.

Let us consider the pros and cons to help shoppers choose the right tool.

Benefits of Induction Cooktop

  • Most modern cooktops are sleek and attractive ideal for all types of kitchen.
  • It directly transfers energy into the cookware resulting in cooler cookers and kitchen surrounding. Induction cooktop has no open flames so it is less greasy.
  • As the surface of the induction is flat, there are no crevices where food residue can accumulate. This definitely eases up the cleaning process.
  • Induction cook top is energy efficient. It cooks food at a faster rate consuming less energy. You don’t have to worry about huge electric bills.
  • Boils water very fast making it perfect for quick and efficiently preparation.
  • Induction cooktop is easy to use and eco friendly. Most induction cooktops come with safety features.
  • Doesn’t consume much space and is easy to install.

Some Drawbacks Of Induction Cooktop

  • It requires only magnetic pots and pans.
  • To avoid getting scratches, ceramic and glass surface should be treated with care.
  • It is quite expensive as compared to other cooktops.
  • It requires power outlet (just in case you want to use your portable cooktop at the backyard).
  • It is advisable for people with cardiac pacemaker not to use induction.

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Benefits of Electric Cooktop

  • Perfect for charring peppers and searing meat.
  • Suitable for cooking or preparing food in large quantity.
  • Includes special features for safety and heat controls
  • It is very effective in maintaining low heating.
  • One time cost is cheaper as compare with other cooktop.
  • Installation cost is cheap and cost effective.
  • Long working life.

Drawbacks of Electric Cooktop

  • Temperature control is not quick and simple, it takes longer time to heat up and cool down.
  • Even after the power is turned off, electric cooktops stay hot for a long time.
  • To make full contact with the heating element, we have to choose pans with flat bottoms to ensure even distribution of heat.
  • Operating costs is higher as compared with other cooking appliances.

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