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Cooking might not be that easy as you thought. Not only does it consume time and energy, it is rather a long process that includes preparation, calculation and attention. But let not that discourage you, dear starters. On this article, I’m gonna show you the easy way round to help you cook like pro right from your first shot.

Whoever you are or whatever position you hold, being able to cook/prepare few dishes or food recipes is a true BONUS. Allow me to include one of my own experiences here. It was when I headed to hostel, for studies. I was cooking rice. Oh dear Me! I had never cooked it before and I had no idea how much water to put nor how long to cook. The result is much worse than my statement here- fully burnt black and yellowish rice with awful strange smell. It even spoilt my new pressure cooker ☺. Lesson learnt- being able to cook can save you one day, and it certainly is something that you should be proud of.

Going straight to the point, first thing you need to do is-

Obtain a Well Chosen Efficient Cooktop

Just like how much a carpenter need and rely on his tools, a cooktop is the first and most important tool for every cook. Choosing a cooktop knowing your cooking needs and requirements is very important. It is the key to happy cooking. Remember, cooking with a bad cooktop can add much burden or even damage the food you cook for worst.

To choose your cooktop, there are many choices available- induction, electric and gas cooktop models. Choose the model that you think best fits your needs. In case you are not very clear about the types of cooktop, and which model to choose, here is summary on each type of cooktop.

Types Of Cooktop- Which To Choose?


In my point of view, there is no thing as better cooktop as long as we don’t compromise with quality. Simply put, the cooktop that meets your needs and satisfies you in everyday cooking is the best cooktop.

Gas cooktop had been there, is still popular among users, and will always be the favorite cooktop for many in the years to come. Many are still choosing gas cooktop mainly for two reasons among many others- (i) they are powerful and (ii) they allow instant temperature changes for precision cooking. There are gas cooktop models that use natural gas and propane gas.

Electric cooktops are the latest production of modern technology. Electric cooktop is further divided into two types- induction and electric cooktop. Induction cooktops use induction cooking technology while electric cooktops depend on hot plates, coil, or halogen light. The concept and mechanism of induction cooking is excellent, and many refer to it as the future of cooking. You can read more about it here.

After deciding which type of cooktop to choose, next thing is to decide on the size of the cooktop. If you are buying for a family, 30/36 inches cooktop with 4/5 burners are recommendable while portable cooktops with 1 or 2 burners are great choice for small family.

With a reliable and efficient cooktop installed in your kitchen, you are one step closer to presenting delicious dishes on the table.

atkins-bookCook Slow- Rely on a Cookbook

Not everyone is a great cook. Without trying and learning, there is no way you can prepare and cook even the simplest dish. To cook like pro, you would need a lot of cooking experiences. For this purpose, you would definitely need and should rely on cookbook. For starters, a reliable cookbook is a must. After following instructions of a cookbook and learning various steps like how to and when to, you can later experiment and bring out your own recipe.

Nowadays, you can easily avail a number of great cookbooks from well know authors. Some cookbooks I would recommend to everyone are: The New Atkins For A New You- Diet Recipes Cookbook and Easy to Follow Recipes and For both Electric and Stove. These cookbooks are written by well known authors and will help you in many ways to prepare delicious healthy dishes easily in your home.

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