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As much as I hate my mundane everyday life except for my work which is a little too hectic to be pleasant as well, I try to compensate my days with the best cooking experience in my kitchen. If we must recount those rough days at work; times that you are required to hand in every task on the go, times you hustle to and fro, up and about all day, I can’t help but imagine coming home to a nice home cooked meal steaming hot. It is on one of these days I decided to create a home for myself and my family especially the young children. The kitchen of course being the center piece.

Investing in the Right Appliances

The key is to set the priorities right. With my lifestyle, I knew I needed to step up to a new kitchen set. But what was primary? What were the core improvements I needed to make it a suiting nest worth kicking off my work shoes and stepping into everyday? As if going through every curtain, carpet and tile material (I preferred the layered look) was not enough; I had to research through scores of appliance choices. These were major purchases after all.

Advanced Induction Cooktop

I started with cooking efficiency. Determined to hunt down the best option, yet it clearly wasn’t supposed to burn a hole in my pocket or drain out my resources. I made it a point. I had a range of exquisite cooktop choices which include some very reasonably priced ones.

Looking back, choosing to upgrade to the sophistication of induction cooking was the one best thing I have opted for so far. Gas cooktops, I had known for years were more of my comfort zone, I always thought it lends me more versatility for my cooking. But it’s equally exciting working with the astonishing temperature-precision that induction endows us with. Cooking up a quick meal was quite an exciting task any time on the induction cooktop; be it boiling or searing or roasting, I had it on the go.

Besides what’s more impressive is that induction Cooktops with its highly developed technology benefits us with far more energy efficiency than the old electric cooktops or the traditional gas cooktops I used to love so much. Now that I think of it, gas cooktops are a far cry. Equipped with induction brilliance, cooking is a whole new experience I always enjoy. Perhaps the only repercussion of replacing my old styled kitchen was, having to switch all my cookwares to induction friendly ones.

Ideal Coffee Maker

Another innovation that has turned my morning rituals before work delightful is the great coffee maker. Early breakfast with tea now gives me a good head start every morning. One of the simplest and yet most practical machines I have known, the coffee maker comes in too handy especially when I am running late. It doesn’t take me more than a minute or a couple for the most part, to come up with a great cup of coffee; too many occasions do I have, to thank this superb piece of machine.


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It won’t take much to maintain it as well; usually has self cleaning functionality as well. Couple it up with a toaster to speed things up on your breakfast table. Toasters are more popular than ever in every home as well as workplace. It is of course one neat appliance; quick and reliable.

 Microwave Oven

If you love warm food as much, microwave ovens are a great way to treat yourself with love every evening. Like my family who needs a good lot of attention, fixing a quick wholesome meal when anyone comes home hungry like me. How well I deal with everything from work to home was my one big challenge. So here was my catch; a worthy microwave confectionary oven was all I needed to keep the house going happy and blessed with the aroma of all the baked delicacies.

It was a relief that most of my utensils were fit for microwave heating or cooking. And yes in case you are wondering, microwave cooking requires specific cookware qualities as well but the manual will inform you adequately anyhow.


Not everything do we prefer to be kept warm in the house of course, summer and the warm seasons will come around and certainly we need to chill the beverages well always. And cool spots are indisputably the best and always fought for in the house. That’s exactly why my dining room has the coolest setting in the kitchen, with a substantial refrigerator right about it. What I love about this is that it becomes the best place to relax and rejuvenate your senses; be it night or day.

Wrapping Up

Although these appliances are the very appliance that can add the brilliance and sophistication of modern technology, they can well become the defective elements when not set right. Designing it right can give you a much more functional and modern kitchen. Consider the various factors so your kitchen would not end up in a clutter of cooking equipments and materials as well as supplies. What is equally important as making adequate room for storing food is also making adequate spacing between the storage and cooking zone as well as cookware maintenance. In short, plan it well.

Well I am of course not one of those typical home buddies; I like my fair share of outdoor stuff. If you are the outgoing sort of person like me, I wouldn’t hesitate to share some of my outdoor cooking kit for summer as well.

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