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What would be more happier than given a chance to eat all the delicious food and at the same time being able to stay healthy and fit? Many of us today have health complains and weight gaining issues. And the main reason for this, I should say is we are not following a balance diet or we are not able to generate a balanced diet recipes.

I know you are a good cook; that you can prepare and set delicious food items on the table. But that’s not the point if you are health conscious, or want to stay healthy. Rather, it is more important to prepare diet recipes, follow diet plan, eat the right amount of food, and take what is needed for your health.

A readymade cookbook or a diet recipe would be a precious and a useful addition to your modern kitchen. Out of the many cookbooks or diet recipe journals available, ‘The New Atkins for A New You- The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great’ is the book that has benefitted millions around the world.

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‘The New Atkins For A New You’ is not just about diet. It contains an elaborated low-carb outlined meal plans for over 24 weeks, features good to know success stories from people around the world, easy to follow all new recipes and much more.

This book will teach you how to prepare and eat your favorite food items maintaining your weight and health. You will also learn ways to eating food that can work as a fat burning machine, and so shedding your weight easily just within few weeks.

The book is written to go along with your different kind of lifestyles. You can refer to it and follow while at home, at work, on vacation, or wherever you may be. It is available in three different formats- paperback, kindle and hard cover. Choose the one that you prefer. Order it today and start eating your favorite dishes, shed your weight, stay healthy, and make a new you.

Authors of the Book

The book is written by three reputed well known personalities and experts in the field- Dr. Eric C. Westman (Director of Lifestyle Medicine Clinic), Dr. Stephen D. Phinney (Professor of Medicine Emeritus) and Dr. Jeff S. Volek (Associate Professor of Kinesiology).

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