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homemade pizza rolls in air fryer

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Pizza rolls, or pizza, in general, are some sort of good omen. I see them during successful meetings, at celebrations, or even when one simply needs to wind down, with a pizza roll in hand. I’m storing these for my own accessible stash of pick-me-up snacks, ready to pop a couple of frozen pizza rolls in my air fryer anytime.

You get wonderfully cooked rolls, including that cheese laden stuffing, which comes very close to burning your tongue as you take one bite.  Although these pizza rolls are frozen solid right from your freezer, cooking them in your air fryer will never, ever turn them into soggy rolls, plus there are none of that saucy, gooey (but really good) stuff oozing out of those rolls if you follow the right cooking time or temperature.

Frying In Oil Prep Vs. Air Frying Home Made Pizza Rolls In Air Fryer 

Try to imagine that your pizza rolls are deep fried with all that oil absorbed, then you can also understand how much the flavor may change. The subject of air fryers versus deep fryers is touched on here.

pizza rolls with spinach

Deep-fried dishes are usually richer in fat than other foods. For example, a chicken breast fried in oil has more fat than roasted chicken with equal volume. Some companies suggest that the use of air fryers helps to reduce the fatty content of fried food up to 75 per cent.

What makes air fryers distinct as cooking equipment, and what would be their features and functionalities that set them apart from the usual cookware?  This is because in comparison with typical deep fryers, these air fryers consume much less fat.

Although typical deep-fried recipes require around heaps and heaps of oil, air fryers just need about one tablespoon. Although not all the used oil is absorbed by your food, using an air fryer substantially lowers the total fat content of your meals.

Learn more about the technology behind this convenient appliance and the answer on how do air fryers work here

Oven/Microwave Prep Vs. Air Frying Frozen Pizza Rolls 

Due to the fact that deep fried foods are unhealthy and could be potentially unsafe, most individuals who prepare pizza rolls do so either by oven or microwave. Even though the pizza rolls are baked with high temperatures, and the rolls are rotated about half through the cooking period, the pizza rolls often turn out to be soggy and not cooked evenly.

When The pizza rolls are heated through the microwave, they usually end up with an overall unappealing, and sticky texture, leaning towards being totally soggy. The pizza rolls will still taste great, but if they were cooked with that crunchy bite, wouldn’t it be more enjoyable?

How To Make Pizza Rolls In Your Air Fryer

Since zero oil is necessary in preparing pizza rolls in your air fryer, this means that we can create them without adding any extra fats or unwanted calories. Another advantage is that you don’t have to warm your air fryer, which cuts at least 15 minutes of prep work.

How To Guarantee Perfect Pizza Rolls Every Time

Never put aerosol cooking spray directly on the equipment while using an air fryer. In fact , no additional oil is required for this pizza roll recipe. For recipes that call for oil, use a paper towel or a basting brush to apply oil as directed.  

pizza rolls with soup on the side

The brand and model of the air fryer that I use could be entirely different from yours, so double check the instructions here and see which best applies to your type of air fryer, and use them only as a guidelines. Keep an eye on your rolls as they fry at all times.

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Useful Kitchen Tools When Making Pizza Rolls

Halfway through cooking, you need to move the pizza rolls or flip them over, to ensure even cooking. You should use a good pair of tongs, or a handy spatula or flipper, for a secure and efficient manner in moving or flipping your air fried pizza rolls.

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People Also Ask

How Long Do You Cook Pizza Rolls In An Air Fryer For?

Frozen pizza rolls are air fried, on the average, for around 7-8 minutes, and this time is inclusive of turning the rolls over halfway to ensure both sides are evenly cooked.

Do Pizza Rolls Work In The Air Fryer?

That is correct, you can have perfectly-cooked pizza rolls using your air fryer. 

How Long Do You Cook Totino’s Pizza In An Air Fryer?

You need to preheat your air fryer to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. Air fry your Totino’s pizza rolls for 4 minutes while maintaining the same temperature.

frozen pizza rolls

Turn the rolls over to cook for 4 more minutes. Remove the pizza rolls from your fryer and leave to rest for a couple of minutes.

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How Long Do You Cook A Pizza In An Air Fryer And At What Temperature?

Follow the instructions on the package, as one brand does not cook exactly the same as the other brands. The cooking time and temperature will also depend on the ingredients and size of your pizza. 


Now that you have seen how easy you can prepare pizza rolls, will you be using your air fryer more often to prepare these? Try to spice things up by serving your pizza rolls with sides such as fries or fish sticks, or turn it into a complete meal by serving pasta and a salad on the side. 

Thanks for dropping by our blog, and see you on the next food and cooktop hunt!

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