7 Ways To Set Up Your Kitchen For Healthy Eating




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Health – without any dubiety the real wealth. Which being dictated by healthy eating. And, healthy eating start-off of where the culinary activities take place – the kitchen, indeed a tidy and inviting kitchen. Fruits that you brought home have rotten in the refrigerator and added a handful of needless workload, isn’t the ideal situation one wants to encounter.

Certainly you would agree that cleaning out the fridge, renovating the kitchen setup, reorganizing meubles de cuisine – take a backseat to your to-do list. We understand you are busy with more pressing chores, but keeping your kitchen organized is vital to keeping to your plan to eating healthily.

Just force your mind to stop playing merry-go-round and start fixing your messed up kitchen right away. Good thing, there really are some simple technics to maintain a far less overwhelming kitchenette so that from kitchen knives to spice jars for drawers can be found easily.         

7 Ways To Set Up Your Kitchen For Healthy Eating  

1. Put A Plan In Place

Put a plan in place

By failing to prepare, as the saying goes, you are preparing to fail. Note your daily requirement of nutrients down and put a plan in place in accordance with that, about your important meals for the week. Make sure that the rest of the family members are aware of what next for the dinner and have an equal contribution to it.  

Aside from that, order the accessories on the basis of how frequently you use them. If it is a kitchen grill set and it is only necessary during holidays, there is no need to make your cupboard chaotic by placing it in front. On the other, allocating precious countertop space for the kitchen knives that you use time and again, is justifiable.  

2. Keep Your Fridge Kempt

Keep your fridge kempt

Thinking of a kitchen without a refrigerator – you can’t even think about that, right? It’s one of the groundbreaking innovations that had reshaped our kitchens entirely and which helps to keep your food fresh and cool. But, at the same time, it could turn out to be the biggest enemy of your desire of healthy eating, should it not be managed properly.

Instead of it breaking the bacterial developments, a messy fridge can host a number of contaminants. After all, who knows what happen inside after you shut the door? Notwithstanding, we can certainly point some of the outcomes of an unkempt fridge out such as acidity, stomach aches, infections, diarrhea, or even food poisoning.    

Apply a proper cleaning. To do that remove everything first and place them in again when the cleaning is over. Use containers to separate various items. Glass containers would be handy to keep the view to these items clear. Remember, fruits are not supposed to be thrown in the veggie drawer, rather use a bowl and place it in front. So that they get noticed each time you open the fridge for a snack.     

3. Say Goodbye To Useless Stuffs

Say goodbye to useless stuffs

Often, people tend to keep utensils that are old and broken in the thought of they might be needed someday. Trust me, we all are victim of this stupid deliberation. Little by little we get habituated with those things and forget to remove them. Roll your eyes over your kitchen setup, you will get a handful of example.

Stop what you’re doing and ask yourself what’s the use of multiple pizza cutters in your cupboard? Just discard each of the duplicate utensils that don’t have any usability in coming years. Same treatment applies to broken and decrepit appliances you haven’t used in months.  

Highest sophistication is achieved, when you keep everything simple. Just make sure that everything is duly cleaned, fresh, up to date, and new. It’s highly likely for you to make healthy choices in the kitchen, should the kitchen itself promotes tidiness.

4. Buy What You Need

Buy what you need

Just because you are capable doesn’t mean that you order food for two which are meant to be eaten by four. Either you will throw the remaining’s in the fridge only to make it more disordered or leave them in the kitchen to build habitat for harmful fungus. Without any doubt, both the actions will take a toll on your health.

However, being a miser isn’t an option, but whatever amount you buy, make it proportionate to your household and needs. Besides, you might consider to buy grocery for the entire month at once. It will save you some precious hours on the weekends, one thing for sure. But, if you buy that luxury in expense of an overfilled kitchen, just forget healthy eating.

Well, if you are comfortable enough to afford a 300 square feet kitchen feel free to stock no matter what’s on your list.    

5. Bring In Convenient And Multi-Use Appliances

Bring in convenient and multi-use appliances

Irrespective of how frequently you use them, your countertop, right now is accommodating a number of appliances, one thing for sure. From blend, mix, steam to boil, these appliances come handy whenever you need. Well, our common instinct is to keep each of them, but taking a smart and space-saving approach, as experts say, is a must to keep our kitchen tip top.

Instead of using single purpose appliances, go for those 3-in-1 cooker that can brown, slow cook, or pressure cook. You can cook healthy without compromising a lot of precious countertop space. When it comes to convenience, high tech kitchen gadgets can do magic.

Apps that come with those gadgets enable you to preheat the oven when you are still on the way. Or you can get benefited from the sensors that showing the exact date and time you opened a jar that’s been sitting in the fridge. In addition to ushering comfort, they help prevent waste and assist you get the most out of your grocery spending.  

6. Keep Healthy Item In Hand Reach And Hide The Booze!

Keep healthy item in hand reach and hide the booze!
Vegetarian man mixing vegetable salad in bowl

We eat or at least want to eat as long as the food is in eye-line. Inborn tendency of ours, is to forget veggies or fresh fruits when they are amassed in the bottom drawers of your refrigerator.

The best practice is to keep them out in the open so that each time you cross them, their existence reminds you to eat them before they go bad. Hide the booze somewhere out of sight or relocate them on top of the cabinet that isn’t accessible without a ladder. It might sound silly, but trust me this strategy works.      

7. Ensure Periodical Maintenance

Ensure periodical maintenance

Whatever appliance you use to make your cooking a breeze, ensure that they are being maintained properly. A bit of inattention might turn your lovely oven into a money pit sitting on the countertop. On the other, periodical maintenance, whether you do by self or bring in external support, make sure that small appliances are readily available.

Besides, looking for spice jars for drawers on a messy cabinet or having to bend down to get a food processor placed in the low cabinet, you admit it or not, is an irritation. Plan the cabinet in a way that the appliances you use on a regular remain in hand reach.       


The secrets to creating a health-promoting kitchen space is no secrets at all. Onus on you to take a decision whether to continue with conventional methods or improvise a bit to have a healthy life.

Particularly, the extraordinary health crisis people are going through across the world – the corona virus, forces us to rethink our actions. But, at the end of the day, only one alternative left – healthy eating.

Clear out all the distraction from the kitchen, reorganize it with some effective appliances and create an atmosphere, where healthy eating becomes the practice.

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