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Whether you are a devoted horticulturist or just love to eat, it’s essential for you to be acquainted with a broad range of vegetables. And the best way to do this is going with an individual symbolic letter from the Alphabet, at a time.

If you happen to be obsessed with the letter A or want to know which veggies start with the first letter of the alphabet, just out of inquisitiveness, we have put in place a list of Vegetables that start with A.

Top 15 Vegetable That Starts With A

1. Artichoke


Land with adequate water supply, which is fertile enough, required to grow Artichoke. Full of dietary fiber along with the presence of vitamin K and vitamin C, your effort will not go in vain, one thing for sure.

Likewise, most vegetables, it also tastes earthy. Does not possess any strong flavor, but when being eaten unseasoned it might taste like fried egg whites.

2. Asparagus


With a life expectancy of 20 to 30 years, this perennial flowering plant will source you vegetables for a long time. Rich in folate as well as vitamin B, which play a role to help women conceive.  

But, bright red fruit is poisonous enough to make anyone vomiting or even lead to diarrhea. High amino acid level helps get rid of urinary tract infections.

3. Arrowroot


Iron and copper, two minerals with great importance, when it comes to red blood cells. And arrowroot is a proven producer of these two minerals. An immune booster that helps to keep your weight in check. Effectiveness in treating diarrhea also widely appreciated.   

4. Amaranth Leaves


Experts recognize it a stimulus package that recovers cells that already damaged. Has anti-inflammatory properties and plays a part in human growth system. In spite of its short life span, it’s a great source of several proteins and minerals.

5. Arugula


A vegetable, cultivates mostly in temperate climate region. Has notable application in salad, while equally handy in many dishes. Sourcing beta-carotene and magnesium, while also regarded as a good source of vitamins like K and C.

6. Arracacha


In the South American region, Arracacha being considered as a commercially important crop. Originally a root vegetable, which called Racacha in Spain and the plant named as apio criollo.

Prone to various plant diseases and take a bit longer to be matured, notwithstanding the usage of fertilizer is insignificant. An altitude of 1800 to 2500 meters are thought to be the best for its cultivation. However, can be grown with other crop field such as coffee, maize or beans.  

7. Arame


Grows seasonally in various Asian countries. A typical seaweed uses mostly in Asian recipes. Usually sold in dried condition in super shops and grocery stores. Tastes semi sweet and reconstitute rapidly, when in touch with water. But its taste is what makes it applicable in diverse use.

8. Aonori


An Asian seaweed native to Japan as well as Taiwan. There are evidence of its presence in the Korea peninsula too, and being cultivated commercially in coastal regions. Its flavor fullness thought to be the reason behind widespread use in a broad range of Japanese dishes.

9. Arugula


Belongs to the brassica family, Arugula has some other names which vary in accordance with geographical location. Referred to as garden rocket, it has a rich history of usage in so many cousins across Italy and France. Potassium, responsible to maintain normal heart functioning, comes in a plenty. Other nutrients include vitamin B, C and K.

10. Adzuki Beans


A small bean, which is red in color and rich in nutrients. Credited for a number of health advantages such as an improved digestive mechanism. Consequently, lessens chance of gaining weight. Equally effective for patient of type two diabetics and people with heart conditions.

11. Acorn Squash


Native to North America, Acorn squash, which also called pepper squash, is a winter veggie. Easy to identify owing to their typical external ridges of varying longitude and dark green color.

Which, covering sweetened yellow-orange flesh in the inside. Effortless cultivation and take approximately 80 to 90 days to be harvestable.  

12. Aubergine


Solanum melongena, this is what scientist call it, which produces edible fruit that has an extensive use as vegetable. Botanical denotation refers it as a berry and belongs to genus Solanum.

Absorb both oil and flavor quite rapidly during cooking, which results extensive use in thousands of dishes. Mostly native to Asian countries. Especially India and China reported for producing the majority of world production (87%).   

13. Agathi


Agathi- a Tamil term that actually refers to vegetable hummingbird. A small tree, but grows quite faster when adequate sun exposure is ensured and produce flowers of white color.

Basically, it’s the flower which has culinary application and being used comprehensively in Southeast Asian regions. In Sri Lanka, people also cook and eat its young pods.  

14. Ash gourd


This south Asian native is recognizable by their fine hair cover when they are young. But, in maturity, these fine hairs disappear and skin turn into waxy.

Based on that, it also called wax gourd and generally have an extensive shelf life. Prone to frosts, but yields well in warm sandy soil. Used differently in dishes which varies in various countries.      

15. Avocado


A highly nutrient-dense fruit that accounts more than twenty different vitamins and natural endowments. Abundant in healthy fats responsible to keep your blood sugar level in check and promotes skin health.

You can intake raw avocado as well as can mix it with other dishes. But make sure that it’s not overcooked, which could be less pleasant to eat.


The growing trend of being vegetarian turning more and more people curious. Making your own garden in order to meet your daily needs of nutrients is not an easy task to do but achievable.

With the nutrient value and preferred environment of these fifteen veggies described here, we hope you will find it easy to make your mind in your selection process.  

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