Top 10 Vegetables That Start With C




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1. Cabbage


Cabbage, well known as a traditional vegetable. It’s a leafy biennial plant grown as annual vegetables and has different colours like red, green and white. Mostly sharp, crunchy and flexible. Multipurpose cold weather veggie. Although in sense, it’s not a superfood but for everyday vegetables it’s really perfect. Covered with various nutrients like vitamin K, vitamin C, calcium, iron etc. Protect from heart disease, cancer, radiation and also helps to diet.

2. Carrot


carrot is one of the most popular vegetables in this world. High nutrients, good taste make it’s a superfood. Incredibly packed with fiber, antioxidants, potassium, vitamin K1 and a good source of beta carotene. 85 percent carrot grown in California and another producing states are Michigan, Texas etc. Great source of vitamin A which helps to make healthy eyes. Mostly helpful for skin and teeth, maintain cholesterol, prevent heart problem, assist immune system and generate a protective defender in our against germs.

3. Cucumber


According to world, cucumber is one of the healthiest foods in this world. A member of Cucurbitaceae family. Seedless, pickling and slicing are three main differences of cucumber. It grows most in fertile sunny place which soil must be well drained. All fresh cucumber cultivates most in Florida State. Helps to minimize headaches and hangover, improve cell hydration, normalized blood pressure and protect kidney. Contains different nutrients like minerals, potassium, copper, vitamin (B, K, C) which are very important to make healthy bone. For several beneficial quality it becomes a popular food.

4. Cauliflower


Brassica Oleracea is the scientific name of cauliflower, a member of Brassicaceae family. Fertile moist soil, well drained and full sun at least 6 hours per day needs to grow perfect cauliflower. California is the first producer of cauliflower and supply 90 percent cauliflower in fresh market. Become quite impressive for having several heathiest qualities. Our body needs vitamin K to keep bone healthy which supplies more by cauliflower. Also contains fiber, a big source of antioxidants, rich in choline and vitamin C. May prevent the risk of brain disorder, cancer, heart disease and aid to maintain hormonal balance. 

5. Celeriac


Apium Graveolens var. Repaceum is the scientific name of celeriac and also known as calary. A root vegetable and easily can be eaten fresh or cooked. Cool weather and soil moisture are very important to grow celeriac. In North America, North Africa, Siberia cultivate celeriac most. As a nutritional power house it covered with fiber, necessary minerals, potassium, manganese and vitamin (B6, K, C) also. Support to heal wounds, healthy digestion, improve bone strength and reduce high blood pressure.

6. Chard


Chard, a leafy green vegetable which also known as Swiss Chard. It’s colourful leafs looks beautiful. Chard equally grows well in hot and cool weather, grows well In the Spring season. Great source of vitamins (A, C, E and K), fiber, potassium, magnesium, copper, calcium, riboflavin etc. Have sufficient nutrients and disease fighting antioxidants. Helps to decrease insulin resistance, weight loss, maintain blood sugar level, improve digestion and protect against ulcer.

7. Courgetti  


Courgetti or Zucchini is a member of Summer Squash family. Mostly it can reach 1 meter in length but cultivar harvested them when they are about 15 to 25 cm. Sometimes it can be green or light green and sometimes yellow. Well known in Britain, New Zealand, Ireland, France, South Africa and Portugal. Full of amazing health benefits like low calorie, provide dietary fiber, vitamin (K and C), Potassium. As a Versatile vegetable helps to prevent stroke, assist in weight loss, maintain carbohydrates and aid in healthy digestion.

8. Cherry Tomatoes


Cherry tomatoes has a scientific name of Solanum Lycopersicon Var. Corasiforme and a member of Solanaceae family. It’s size just like a golf ball. Red, Orange, Yellow even Black, every type cherry tomatoes equally delicious and sweet. The chief producer of cherry tomatoes is United States. Hold some important protein which are very important to keep our body fit, fresh and healthy. Packed with vitamin (A, C and K), fiber, folate, potaium. Red tomatoes contain antioxidants called Lycopene which is very helpful for our hair and skin.

9. Capsicum


Capsicum, a member of the nightshade family Solanaceae and native a Thesaurus species.  Used in different cuisines and worldwide cultivated. Green, yellow, red, orange, white, purple brown are it’s different colours. It’s really good to eat. Excellent source of dietary fiber, folate, vitamins (A, B6, C and E). Really good for bones, skin, eye, low carb, immunity system, reducing inflammation. It’s crunchy taste and colourful looks make dishes perfect and delicious. 

10. Chilli

Chilli pepper, a member of nightshade family and a fruit from capsicum genus. ‘worldwide cultivated vegetables and used various ways. Now, various kinds of chillies are cultivated in this world but only five are domesticated like –1.Annum,2.Baccatum,3.Pubescens, 4.Frutesens and 5.Chinense.   Everyday three quarters of people in this world used chilli in different ways. India is the largest producer consumer of chilli of the world. Full of powerful antioxidants, vitamins and proteins. Assist in immune function, effective pain reliver, maintain blood sugar balance, enrich skin regime and become a protector against cancer.                                                                               

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