Top 10 Vegetables That Start With E




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1. Earthnut pea


Lathynus tuberoses, the scientific name of earthnut pea and also known as tine-tare. Origin in wet temperate parts of Europe and Western Asia. A weak climber perennial plant, can grow at least 1.2m tall with tendrils support. A traditional sweet and delicious vegetable, grown from edible roots. One of the most beautiful creation of Almighty. Bees are attracted by it’s beautiful flower fragnants, it’s delicious roots can be roasted or boiled. Must avoid to eat much quantity of earthnut pea, may causes a lathyrism disease because it contains toxic amino acids.  

2. Eggplant Brinjal


Brinjal has different name in different states. Aubergine in UK, Eggplant in US, Brinjal in South Asia and South Africa. Has a scientific name Solanum Nelongena, comes from Solanaceae nightshade family. Grown worldwide a most purple, absorbing and perforated fruit, used in different cuisins. Supplies various vitamins, fiber, minerals and high antioxidants also. Prevent risk of cancer, anemia, digestion problem and improve brain functions, heart health. 

3. Elephant Foot Yam


Elephant Foot Yam, a self supportable perennial herb plant. Comes from Araceae family with simple broad leaves and beautiful looks, has a scientific name of Amorphophallus paeoniifolius. Individually can grow 19m. long. First of all grown in Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Island as a tropical tuber crop. Widely cultivated and rapidly become popular for various health benefits, shade tolerance and easy cultivation process. A great source of potassium, fiber, magnesium, vitamin A, calcium and many other important nutrients which helpful for reducing blood sugar, promotes weight loss, rebuild digestion process and aid to reduce joint pain.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

4. Elephant Garlic


Allium ampeloprasum Var. ampeloprasum, Elephant garlic, comes from Amaryllidaceae family, a perennial plant decorate with broad flat leaves tall solid flowing stalk. A traditional vegetable and mostly used in salads, has surprising mellow taste, like sunny and moist weather, perfect for roasting and baking. Originates from eastern mediterraneam form and easily can grow elephant garlic in our garden. Medically revealed that elephant garlic has various health benefits. A great source of vitamin A, C and E and contains a protective power against antibacterial properties. Works for improving oxygen level in blood, has no allergic reaction. 

5. Endive


Endive, a beautiful leaf vegetable and comes from Asteraceae family. Also known chicory, curly endive and frisee radiccho. An annual versatile vegetable, has nutty flavor, sweet and crisp texture with pleasant mild bitterness. Cichorium endivia, the scientific name of endive. Leaves can reach at least 10 inches long and a cold season crop. Originated in South Asia, probably in Hindustan peninsula, although some authors think from Mediterranean area. Green leaves full of health benefits like low caloric food, works regulate blood sugar, prevent diabetes, good source of vitamin K, promotes healthy pregnancy, improve eyesight and ensure good bowel movements. Also helps in oral issues, anorexia, liver work and gallstones. 

 6. Ensete


Ensete, scientifically known as Ensete Ventricosum and generally ensetor ensete. A tropical plant native to Asia, Australia and Africa. Comes from Musaceae family, a perennial plant with tall, evergreen and herbaceous shape, can grows up to 6-12 meters tall and mostly important crop in several parts of Africa. Sometimes people called them “False Banana”. Leaves are used for liver treatment and miscarriage problem and stalks provides fiber, minerals content, high carbohydrate, calcium, zinc, essential amino acids and potassium like leucine, lysine etc. A versatile edible food, covered with various nutrients and good taste. Helps to keep eyes healthy.                                                                      

7. English peas

English peas

English pea, actually a garden pea which called sweet pea for sweet taste. May be eaten raw or cooked and generally sold frozen and shelled. Mostly has yellow and bright green colour but green colour seen most. A short life vegetable and grows well in early summer and late spring. Grows several parts of the world without much support, contains sufficient amount of fiver which helps to solve digestion problem, also contains iron, phosphorus, B vitamins, minerals which really helpful for eyes, skin, immunity system, weight loss and blood sugar regulation.

 8. Edamame


Edamame is very popular in East Asia and western countries. Origin from Japan, harvested before the seeds became harden. Used in different way in Asian cuisine like steamed or boiled. In Japan, edamame usually served without salt and sometimes a little amount salt water. Also known as immature Soybeans and Japanies called ‘stem Bean’. A versatile and popular food crops with various health benefits. Lower cholesterol, healthy fiber, vitamin K, antioxidents etc are the major beneficial parts of edamame. Protect risk of heart disease, control blood pressure, supplies protein to make bone healthy, helpful for skin, prevent anemia, reduce risk of cancer, helps to relief from menopausal symptoms and maintain strong immune system. 

9. Escarole

Traditionally, escarole is used as an important ingredient in Italian wedding soup. A leafy vegetable and taste like bitter and nutty just like eurly endive. Various colours and taste make its different from other leafy vegetables. Beneficial for brain, heart, prevent risk of cancer. Normally, traced in England, Greece, Egypt and different place in United States. Contains vitamin C, A and K, low calories, fiber, antioxidents, calcium, iron which helps to reduce flu, common cold, fight against inflammation, weight loss and maintain proper immune system. 

10. Eugenia

Eugenia, member of myrtle family and genus of flowering trees. Used indifferent activities like to make folk medicine, cytotoxic activities and also used as an edible fruit. Mostly aromatic evergreen and tropical trees. Fruit taste usually tart, used to make jelly or jam. Good for stomach, aid blood sugar management, anti-cancer and antibacterial problem.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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