Top 10 Vegetables That Start With F




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1. Finger Lime

 Finger lime

Finger lime, an Australian tiny citrus, size and shape just like a finger with 3 inches length. Citrus australasica is the scientific name of finger lime, comes from Rutaceae family. A commercial crop, has edible fruits, grown in sub-tropical rainforest region of Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. Has citrus forward aroma with slightly sour, sweet, floral, tangy and lemon line flavor. Full of zesty taste and nutrients like folate, vitamin E, potassium and vitamin C. Finger lime can help to avoid many terminal diseases like breast colon, prostate cancer, kidney stone, disorder like night blinders and majorly helps to keep blood count in check.                                                                                               

2. Fat Hen

Fat hen

Fat hen, a first growing annual plant with matt green from Chenopodium genus. Scientifically known as Chenopodium album and generally also known as goose foot, lame quarters, melde and many other several names. Cultivated as an animal feed, grain and vegetable crop. In North America and Europe regarded that as a weed but Asia and Africa grow fat hen as a human food crop. A variable leafy vegetable, packed with various health benefits, contains calcium, vitamin A, B1, B2, high in protein, phosporus, potassium, niacin, omega 3 fatty acids and iron. But the pollen of the fat hen may cause heavy fever and its toxic substabce is not suitable for every people.                                                         

3. Fava Bean

Fava bean

Fava bean, a member of Fabaceae family, also known faba bean, broad bean, horse bean etc. Cultivated widely as a cover crop and mostly used in human consumption. A flowering pea plant, harvested in the spring which is the oldest cultivated plants. Have a milder taste, also creamy, nutty, earthy, slightly sweet and slightly bitter with less starchy. Scientifically known as Vicia faba, become a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. May prevent high blood pressure, birth defects, aid in weight loss, beneficial for healthy bone, anemia , immune boosting etc. Provide folate, vitamins, protein, minerals, lots of fiber, iron, selenium, zinc and magnesium.                                                                                                                                                                                          

4. Flat Bean

Flat bean

Flat green bean, origin from Italy with flat and wide shape characteristics. Phaseolus vulgaris Helda is the scientific name of flat bean, also have some other marketing name like Romano bean, Gavar fhali, runner bean etc. An organic bean, can enjoy with its succulent, fresh and snappy taste. Grows most in India, Canada and Myanmar. Used in different purposes and mostly in delicious dishes. Provide vitamins like A, C and K, proteins, dietary fiber and many other nutrients which boost energy, reduce cholesterol, improve digestive power. Mainly helps to improve brain and heart health, flowers help to treat alcohol addiction, promote blood cell development etc.                                                      

5. Fingerroot


Fingerroot, a member of Zingiberaciae family, generally known as Chinese ginger or lesser galangal, Chinese keys and Boesenbergia rotunda also that is the scientific name of fingerroot. A medicinal and culinary herb, native to Southeast Asia and China. A traditional plant, used as a daily food ingredient in Southeast Asia and Indo-China. In Thai, its known as krachai. Packed with health benefits, helps to prevent colon and breast cancer, treat ulcer, prevent bacteria and cavity, helpful for HIV patients, decrease chances of dengue fever, improve digestion and appetite, maintain balance in blood pressure. Also assist in detoxification of the body, used to cure skin disease, assist in kidney function and useful for muscle pain etc.                                                                                             

6. Fluted Pumpkin

Fluted pumpkin

Fluted pumpkin, a tropical vine, also known as Ikong-ubong, fluted gourd and Ugu. Scientific name is Telfairia occdentalis and mostly grown in West Africa. An occidentalis species and member of the Cucurbitaceae family. Fast growing climbing plants, bear heavy fruits that are fluted. It’s leaf popularly used in soup and herbal preparations. Rich with dietary properties like iron, calcium, potassium and manganese and also provide a big amount of vitamin A, B2, C and E. Has anti-oxidant properties that protect human body from various disease. Specially provide necessary protein to maintain hormone balance, protect from kidney problem, regulates the acidities of body cells and organs also maintain body tissues.                                                                                       

7. French Bean

French bean

French bean, Indian wide grown and most popular vegetables. A small bean than another green beans with soft and velvety pod. Specially cultivated for their pods, harvested when they are 3-4 inches length. Thin cylindeical shape and mild taste with sweet and grassy flavor. Member of Fabaceae family and have variety of colours like yellow, green and purple. Have higher level of vitamin A and C but provide less starch and protein than another dried beans. Protect from neural defects, birth defects, monitor blood sugar level, maintain normal blood pressure, aid in weight loss, improve fertility, inhibit cancer cell growth etc.                                                                                                                      

8. French Sorrel

French sorrel

French sorrel, scientifically known as Rumex Scutatus and commonly known as buckler sorrel, shield leaf sorrel and green sauce as culinary name. Mainly used in salads and also fresh or cooking. Belongs to the buck wheat family, a popular perennial culinary herb that was distributed throughout the Europe and Asia. Helps to reduce casual pain and ongoing pain and swelling, treat bacterian infection, increasing urine flow, also used as a great ingredients as herbal cancer treatment Essiac, improve the level of eyesight, keep digestive health, reduce blood pressur, helpful for heart disease and hypertension diabetes etc.                                                                                                                                                  

 9. Fairy Ring Mushroom

Fairy Ring Mushroom

Fairy ring mushroom, native to America and Europe, scientifically known as Murusmius oreades, also known as fairy ring champignon. Appears in a circulas formation, normally grown in grassy areas or forest. A natural occurring phenomenon, specially grown during rainy weather. Unless identification experience, mushroom should never be collected and eaten. Grows in deep green grass in a shape of ring, for that called them fairy ring. Mostly used in cooking for their interesting texture and flavor but not like main component. Have low fats and carbohydrades, high in fiber, protein and also beneficial to make several culinary functions.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

10. Fenugreek Leaves Methi

Fenugreek leaves Methi

 Fenugreek, an annual plant with leaves that have three small oblong leaflets. A semiarid crop, widely cultivated. Indian subcontinent used fenugreek leaves and seeds in their dishes as a common culinary ingredient, also used in Pakistan as well as Persian. Trigonella foenum-graecum, the scientific name of fenugreek leaves. Fight against diabetes, cholesterol, assist in controlling glucose metabolism. Reduce blemishes, helpful for heart problems, also for skin and long lustrous hair.                                           

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