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There is no denying that the sheer number of fruits, vegetables, fungi, and meaty protein options enjoyed around the globe are impressive, no matter what your cultural preference.

The following are some examples of vegetables that begin with M if you are looking for vegetables that start with M because you love food and discover all the vegetables there are. What are your favorite vegetables starting with M? From a single website, it can be nearly impossible to locate vegetables starting with the letter M. However, that statement is no longer valid!

Let’s take a look at a few vegetables that begin with M. Quite a few of them begin with M, and we’ll provide you with some information about each of them. Here are some details about each of them.

List of 15 Vegetables That Start With ‘M’


1. Malabar Spinach

vegetable that start with m

Known as Malabar spinach, Bombay spinach is part of the spinach family but also includes other leafy greens not traditionally available in supermarkets. Various preparations are possible with Malabar spinach. There are countless dishes that incorporate its leaves, stems, and roots. It is frequently used in the cooking of meats and poultry in South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines.

2. Mallow

vegetables that start with m

Wildflowers like mallow are tender and very delicious, and they can be used to produce a variety of food, such as salad greens, seeds, flowers, and roots. Although wild mallow does exist in the United States, it is not a very common plant. It is a short growing season and the plants only bloom for a few weeks at a time during the year. The result is often that it is difficult to find the plant in good condition and harvest it at the most advantageous time. Despite being a difficult-to-find food source, this plant is nutrient-rich and rich in vitamins and minerals.

3. Morel

vegetables that start with m

There are many wild souvenirs of morel, which is considered to be a delicacy. Morels are edible mushrooms whose taste and texture are recurrent. They often come raw or lightly cooked, and they have a creamy texture. Melon has a relatively high carbohydrate content but low calories and fat content.

4. Maize

vegetables that start with m

There is no question that corn should be considered a vegetable instead of a grain. The seeds are also known as corn. In many parts of the world, corn is grown for food, paper, and fuel. Besides cornbread, tortillas and corn chips, the kernel is eaten and used for making cornbread and tortillas. Cornhusks are made from the seed hull, which is also edible.

5. Marrow

Scientifically, marrows are berries, but in daily life, they’re considered vegetables. At full maturity, the fruit looks like a large watermelon. Some people compete in the United Kingdom in order to grow the largest marrow.

6. Mashua

vegetables that start with m

There are a few South American countries where you can find mashua, including Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Colombia. The tubers of this plant are often used as ornamental plants, even though people eat them.

7. Marikolunthu

vegetables that start with m

Its leafy leaves are green and look silver-blue or grey as if they’ve been dusted with silver dust, creating a feather-like appearance. Besides being very fragrant, they have a fruity and vanilla undertone, which makes them intriguing. Essential oils are usually used to add flavor to baked goods and drinks.

8. Mushroom

vegetables that start with m

Fungal growths appear from the ground in the form of fleshy growths. Mushrooms come in numerous varieties, some of them edible, some of them very toxic. A few kinds have even been studied for possible medical treatment. If you want to try our portobello mushroom recipe, be sure to check it out.

9. Mustard

vegetables that start with m

Hot dogs, sandwiches, meats, and cheeses are commonly served with this brownish-yellow condiment. Mustard seeds are mixed with vinegar, wine, water, lemon juice, salt, and other spices to produce the dressing.

10. Mizuna Greens

vegetables that start with m

The mild peppery flavor of mizuna greens makes them one of the most prized ingredients in Asian cuisine, more potent than arugula, but less potent than mustard greens. These delicate leaves have a lustrous, rich green color similar to arugula.

11. Mustard Greens

vegetables that start with m

Mustard green is a leafy cruciferous vegetable with a spicy taste. It can be eaten raw or cooked and is considered one of the healthiest foods, although its flavor makes it underappreciated.

12. Mellow Yellow Pumpkin

vegetables that start with m

Specially bred yellow pumpkins are known for their consistent size, shape, and light yellow color. They have a light flesh color of pale yellow and ivory. It can be used both as a vegetable and sweet dessert ingredient, as it is tender, sweet, and earthy flavored.

13. Miner’s Lettuce

vegetables that start with m

Plants for making Miner’s lettuce have round, small, round leaves with long, slender stalks that grow in rosettes. Red leaves appear as they shrivel in the heat of summer. You can enjoy a mild, earthy taste with a satisfying crunch with this type of lettuce.

14. Marble Potatoes

vegetables that start with m

A marble potato is a small round potato that grows to a diameter roughly equivalent to a ping pong ball. Cream, red, and purple potatoes are all available, although they are all harvested early in the season, so they have a sweeter flavor with less starch than mature potatoes.

15. Millet

vegetables that with m

The benefits of birdseed go much deeper than that. The food is nutritious and can be prepared in a number of ways, with a wide range of benefits including fiber, magnesium, selenium, pantothenic acid, iron, folic acid, folate, and phosphorus.



Our list of Vegetables that start with the letter M is a great starting point if you need vegetables that start with the letter M. This list of vegetables will hopefully inspire you and help you come up with ideas for your meals and snacks. There are hundreds of vegetables that begin with the letter M. These 15 vegetables begin with the letter M. Try to think of a few more and expand the list as much as you can.

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