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Sometimes one mistake is done by us when we cook something. And this mistake is a measurement mistake. Sometimes we use more ingredients and then found some leftover things that almost are being waste. In that case, every cooking lover should find the best way to use their leftover things instead of wasting them.

However, here the topic is about leftover cheesecake batter. In that case, I suggest that if you have leftover cheesecake batter you should keep them in your refrigerator with proper wrapping. Use them to make another cheesecake or other dishes that can be made with this batter. Generally, it has a short shelf life so use that as soon as possible.

How to Refrigerate Leftover Cheesecake Batter?

Refrigeration is the best way to keep the edibility of leftover cheesecake batter.

Way How and How Long Leftover Cheesecake Batter Can Refrigerate

  • At first, take an airtight container to keep your leftover batter that should be enough to keep your whole leftover batter.
  • Cover that properly with a plastic wrapper because the batter should catch its softness and shape until they use it for another work.
  • Refrigerate that at 40 degrees which is perfect for the batter.
  • It takes a short shelf life that is 5-7 days.
  • In refrigeration time, packaging way is very important. If you packaged batter in a proper way, you can keep them more several days.

what can i make with leftover cheesecake batter

It should be mentioned for your concern, the leftover batter should be used as soon as possible for having a good response. Because batter can attack by numerous bacteria for long keeping way.

Some Best Ideas for Leftover Cheesecake Batter

The various amazing dish can be made with leftover cheesecake batter that could make you happy to enjoy. So, don’t waste your leftover cheesecake batter and use them in a perfect way.

Here have some excellent ideas that I really like. Let’s see.

  • Trifle

Trifle, a beautiful dessert item that is normally found in English and other cuisines. Contain high variable content and have three- or four-layer shapes. A simple dish idea.

You can make trifles with cheesecake batter instead of using cake or brownies. Take a standard size bowl, line the bottom of this bowl with cheesecake cubes (1 inch) layer. On top chopped some fruits like strawberries. In this way create another layer and put fruit on it that you like, a layer of whipped topping. Then garnish the top beautifully with fresh slices of strawberries.

  • Milkshake

Do you know you can make an amazing milkshake with the help of cheesecake batter?

For this, you need ice cream 1 generous scoop, milk ½ cup, and cheesecake without the crust ½ cup. Then blend them until they are combined perfectly. If you feel it’s too thick then add some ice cream or milk to it. It would look charming if you pour some snake, cream, and fresh strawberry or cherry on top of the glass.

  • Sundae

Sundae, it’s an ice cream dessert. It’s really a beautiful dessert as well as tasty.

To make a sundae with cheesecake at first cut the cake in half and fit 1 into the bottom of the dish that you select for this dessert. Then add ice cream on it and other else that you like to enjoy just like sauce, whipped topping, candy sprinkles, etc.

What to Do with Leftover Cheesecake Batter

  • Cheesecake Balls

Cheesecake balls that anyone can’t ignore to eat. Even you would never meet someone who doesn’t like cake pops.

Cheesecake balls covered with chocolate sprinkles sometimes also add some nuts to make it more delicious. To get a sweet surprise you can put a tiny dab of berry pecan pie, filling in the center.

  • Deep Fried Cheesecake Ball

Crunchy cheesecake balls when you eat them you would feel the creamy and warm taste that really amazing.

It’s outside crunchy and inside creamy that looks like mesic of taste. After one bite you would feel like cream puffs. Fried cheesecake can also enjoy with chocolate cream. That would rich the of your fried cake ball.

  • Easy no Churn Cherry Cheesecake Icecream

In place of graham crackers and cheese cream use actual cheesecake. To improve taste, use any berry pie filling or apple pie filling mixing. Then shake them and top with a caramel drizzle.

So, try this easy cheesecake ice cream and enjoy its delicious taste that you want to enjoy ever.

  • Chocolate Bundt Cake

Bundt chocolate cake, it’s really light and tender with thick fudge on top. It has perfect taste but I guess it would be ravishing widely with a bit of raspberry or orange zest. Most amazing thing is that whenever see this cake, I can’t control myself to eat.

Some Important Information About Cheesecake

  • Cheesecake does go bad that unsafe to eat. So, don’t leave out that at room temperature for long.
  • Don’t overcook your cheesecake. It would burn the top of the cake and destroy the real taste.
  • Don’t leave cheesecake at room temperature for long. It would attack by Salmonella and Listeria thrive bacteria that can create food poisoning problems.
  • Warm cheesecake is not safe to put in the refrigerator. Wait until it’s barely cool.
  • For best refrigeration use a proper airtight container, plastic wrapper, etc.
  • Don’t eat cheesecake after passing its shelf life.
  • Cheesecake contains more than 250g calories and 18g of fat in one piece of cake. That increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. So, eat that in moderation.

how to use leftover cheesecake batter

Final words:

Leftover cheesecake batter, you can use that letter to make another cheesecake or other different dishes that are possible to make with the help of this batter.

So, keep your leftover batter in a proper way. To keep its edibility, you should keep them in the refrigerator. Room temperature is not perfect for cheesecake batter and it increases the risk of bacteria attack and spoilage.

To have a perfect result, when you make other dishes with that firstly check the taste and texture of your batter. And don’t forget, it’s really too fatty so eat that carefully. Rather than it might become harmful for your health.

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