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One of the most traded and consumed commodity in the world is coffee. A beverage we all love to enjoy. Some consume it from time to time while others need it a lot throughout the day. The origin and history of this iconic drink can be traced all the way back to the 15th century. Yes, we have been drinking it for over five hundred years. This can make one wonder about the origin and history of coffee. How did it spread throughout the world over time? Well, let’s find out about the history and origin of coffee and how it spread throughout the world.


It is surprising how the second-largest commodity being traded originated from small beans in what we now know as Ethiopia. Although, there are several claims of coffee being originated in Yemen, the more popular story is of an African herder named Kaldi who discovered something big. Kaldi was tending to his goats when he noticed their changed behavior after eating some beans or berries. Astonished at his finding, he wondered if the beans are what caused his goats to behave like this. He shared the strange behavior with a friend and the beans that caused it. Later he was told how coffee helped his friend to stay awake, active, and mindful during prayers. Having a great taste, it also helped him by heightening his senses. On top of being an interesting story, this is known to be the most accepted claim to the origin of first roasted coffee beans.

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History And Use

Many historians believe that it was first discovered by the native people of Ethiopia and then it went to Yemen. This could explain the reasons for the growth of trade as Yemen had a trade port called Mocha from where coffee trading rapidly spread. Through Yemen, it spread towards the Middle East into the Arab countries. Finally, it made its way to Europe and Asia where the native people started growing and harvesting too. The spread and use of it was so fast that by the 19th century it was being traded and consumed throughout the entire world.

where does coffee comes from?
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Currently, the use of coffee is so high that it’s the second most used and traded thing in the world. People around the world enjoy it at all times of the day throughout the year. This is because it contains high amounts of caffeine that can help us stay active, focused, and energetic. It has a great taste and drinking it is much better than any other beverage or soda. The use of coffee continues to grow with every passing year throughout the world.

Spread Through Trade

One of the major reasons why coffee is consumed throughout the world today is due to the early trade several hundred years ago. The coffee industry took off as Arabian countries at the time were known to trade almost every commodity. This allowed other countries in Asia and Europe to benefit from this drink as it was easily available and traded in large quantities. Economies of some countries in Africa depended upon the production and trade of coffee beans. This helped speed up the spread of coffee on large scale through time and billions of people are able to enjoy it worldwide now.

Rise To Popularity

Coffee has been trending for decades because of the great taste and what it offers. High amounts of caffeine in coffee can help people stay calm and focus on a task. Its known properties of keeping us awake and active are also caused by caffeine. For this reason, many people started drinking coffee to stay up working late at night or drank it in the morning to feel fresh and ready for the day.

At one point in time, coffee was considered as a luxury drink and many high profile people were the only ones who could afford it. This also contributed to the popularity as more people wanted to try it after looking at them. As time passed and the supply of coffee increased, it became easier to access this drink and everyone started to try it. It had a huge impact on people’s life and the adrenaline push helped them focus in a much better way. This is when it transitioned from a rare and luxury drink to a common and loved beverage.

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Modern Times

In modern times, many developing countries rely on the production and export of coffee for their economy. Most of the coffee today is produced in developing countries, mainly in South America, such as Brazil. Vietnam, Indonesia, Ethiopia, and Columbia are also major coffee producers and these countries produce over five million metric tons of coffee a year. Peru and India are also joining in on the huge coffee market where millions of producers make their income. The coffee produced in each country can be differentiated based on the flavor, aroma, and texture of the drink.

While most of the world’s coffee today is produced and exported by developing countries, the consumption market is completely different. The top consumers of coffee are developed or industrialized countries such as the United States of America. European countries are also known to be amongst the top consumers of this hot beverage. While most of the people in these countries drink their coffee in the mornings, a fair amount of people enjoy it throughout the day as well.

Coffee is an energizing drink that people of all ages can enjoy. The ability to stay active and work in a more focused manner puts a cherry on top of it. People love the taste and aroma of the drink and consumed millions of metric tons a year.

Final Words

coffee Comes from

It is interesting how a bean discovered in Africa over five hundred years ago became the favorite hot beverage in the world. The history and origin of coffee is an intriguing topic and now you know where your favorite drink comes from and how it spread throughout the world, rising to popularity, via trading.

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