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Whipped Coffee Recipe: Popularized through a viral TikTok video, whipped coffee is a fancy-looking yet simple coffee that will leave your taste buds pleased. It’s a coffee shop spin on your regular morning or evening coffee as it looks and tastes amazing although you need only three ingredients to make it.

This Instagram-able coffee can be made hot or cold as per your preference. After thorough research on the myriad of recipes available on the internet, we have come up with the best whipped coffee recipe for you.

What Is Whipped Coffee?

Known as Dalgona coffee in South Korea, whipped coffee is a mixture of instant coffee, water, and granulated sugar. Just the whisking technique applied to the mixture of these ingredients will lead to a thick, creamy texture that is then poured on milk to create whipped coffee! The creation is also known as Frappe Coffee in France and Beaten Coffee in India. It was popularized through a video on Tik Tok that went viral; and instantly everyone was posting their version of fluffy and delicious whipped coffee on all social media platforms.

Whipped Coffee Recipe

whipped coffee
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You need equal parts of coffee, sugar, and boiling water to make whipped coffee. Put all the three ingredients in a bowl and start whisking the mixture using a hand mixture on high speed. The mixture needs to be whisked for about 2 minutes. As you keep whisking you’ll see that it will turn from a liquid dark mixture to a thicker light consistency. You may find a few bits that didn’t get whipped yet so scrape it all from the sides of the bowl and whisk again. As you continue whisking, you’ll see the mixture turning into an even lighter, thicker, and creamier consistency.

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Now it’s time to taste the mixture. If it is too bitter for your liking you may add a little bit more sugar. However, keep in mind that it will be diluted when mixed with milk. Finally, take a tall glass, put a few ice cubes, and pour your favorite type of milk up to an inch lower than the brim. Now, put the whipped coffee creamy mixture on top. If you’re using hot milk, you can just pour the whipped coffee in the glass. You may also sprinkle cinnamon on top of you like.

Before you take a sip, swirl it around using a straw so that the whipped mixture gets mixed well with the milk. Take a sip and enjoy your delicious creation!


  • 2 tablespoons of instant coffee
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of boiling water
  • Cinnamon (if preferred)
  • 8 ounces of milk of your choice (almond, soy, or oat)

Tips for the Perfect Whipped Coffee

1. Electronic mixer over hand whisking: Whisking the mixture with your hand might be a little too tiring as you have to whip it continuously for 2 to 5 minutes. The best results are obtained by using an electronic mixer. Plus, it’s faster as well.

2. Hot water effect: Although it’s not mandatory to use hot water, using it will lead to better results as it will help to whip the mixture faster.

3. Mix before sip: The beautiful creamy coffee looks great on top of the milk but to enjoy it fully, you should mix it well with the milk using a spoon or straw.

4. Use a bowl to mix: Even though a mug would do just fine to mix the ingredients, using a bowl to do so will give you control over whisking. Also, as you keep whisking it becomes fluffier due to interaction with air so it’s better to use a container that has a larger opening.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of sugar is best for making whipped coffee?

Granulated sugar is the best option for making whipped coffee. However, there are other types of sugar you can use as well such as brown sugar, raw sugar, coconut sugar, sugarcane sugar, or even white sugar.

Can regular ground coffee be used?

No. This is because regular ground coffee needs to be brewed before you can use it to make your beverage therefore instant coffee is the only option you can go for to make whipped coffee.

Can I use hot or cold milk?

Yes, whipped coffee tastes the same whether you use hot or cold milk so it totally depends on your preference.

Is there an alternative to sugar?

Yes, you can opt for Stevia instead but it’s not going to taste the same. Also, the mixture will not stay fluffy for more than a few minutes if you do not use sugar. So if you plan to go for an alternative, keep that in mind.

What do I do if I do not have an electronic mixer?

If you do not have an electronic mixer or a hand frother, you can of course use your hand to whisk it. However, it’s going to take longer to create the desired product (about 8 minutes). Here, you’d have to whisk in not only circular motion but in zig-zag motion as well. Also, go for a whisk or a fork to do so as a spoon will not work well enough, or even if it does it will take much longer!

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Can I make vegan whipped coffee?

Yes, you can. As long as you use non-dairy milk the whipped coffee is vegan. There are multiple alternatives – coconut milk, soy milk, and almond milk. As for sugar, you can opt for Monk Fruit sweetener.


Whipped Coffee is a great spin on your regular coffee. But since it’s packed with sugar and milk, it’s not advisable to drink it every day. That being said, you can always replace a latte with whipped coffee whenever you want to switch to a creamier caffeine beverage.

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