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Lunch meats, generally known as cooked meats. Also have different name like cold cuts, sliced meats, deli meats, luncheon meats and cold meats.

Lunch meat is a pre-cooked food that normally served cold or hot with sandwiches and sometimes on a tray with salads.

You know, every food is destroyable. Even they have fixed shelf life and stability. And after that time, they get spoil eventually.

Now, in this article I just discuss about lunch meat, its spoiling reasons, slimy sight and some important things about that. So, I hope you would find out your questioned answer from this article.

At First, “Why Does Lunch Meat Get Slimy?”

From above, you can see that I mentioned lunch meats are a pre-cooked, sliced meats. When you feel the meats get slimy, you could understand it’s really old.

Different reasons are available for lunch meats get slimy. Such as,

  • Have harmless-ish.
  • Easily attacked by bacteria.
  • High moisture rescue.
  • Low preservation way. Etc.

Lunch Meat Get Slimy

Lunch meats a moistenable food. That’s why after cutting this meat on a slice they started to escape moisture from them and then get slimy eventually.

This meat attacked by bacteria very spontaneously. And gradually they started to increase their force on the surface of the meats. Then meats started to get slimy by them.

Temperature is very important fact for meats. Meat can stay for long time in cold place. Room temperature will destroy the stable power of meats.

Some Signs of Lunch Meats Spoilage

Some signs you must be followed when your lunch meat get spoil. When they get spoil, they achieve different look, taste and smells those are really not acceptable. Spoil foods are always harmful for our health. So, avoid them in a straightway.

Signs of Lunch Meats Spoilage

In that case, before eating should check your food “is it ok to eat?”

Here, I explain 3 signs about lunch meat, if you find any one sign in your lunch meats please don’t waste your time and throw them out.

  • Look: Look is the first sign to find out lunch meat good or bad. Good meat color and spoil meat color is different from each other. When meat get spoil, they would take on brown or pale gray or yellow hue color. This time it also looks some moldy. Which probably not safe to eat. So, firstly should check the sight of your meats.
  • Flavor: Lunch meat has a unique flavor that is amazing. But to find out the bad odor just take a whiff. If you feel any sour or vinegary smell, confirm that its not a good sign. And sure, this meal has already gone bad.
  • Touch: It’s a final test. Good lunch meats have soft touch and delicious taste. When they get spoil, they catch very hard, sticky and slimy touch that you could easily find out with one touch.

Some Results That Would Happen After Eating Lunch Meats and Slimy Lunch Meats

Lunch meats, a favorite lunch food for all aged people. Package lunch meat is safer than unbox meats. You can stay them for 5 to 7 days.

If you feed slimy lunch meats, they would create different problems. Food poisoning is most common of them. It will bring nausea and vomiting problem, watery diarrhea and some several problems.

What Happen Happen After Eating Lunch Meats

Lunch meats are very high-quality food that contains high protein and nutrients. For that if we consumed over amount of that meats and add them in our everyday food that would brings different problems for us. Like:

  • May causes fluid retention.
  • May increase blood pressure.
  • Increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Might lead to weight gain.
  • Enhance the risk of thyroid cancer.
  • More harmful for diabetes patients.

Slimy Lunch Meats

Best Preservation Way of Lunch Meats

You can freeze your all type lunch meats. Can freeze them on slices or a large piece an opened or packaged situation. To get best result, I suggest you to eat them as soon as possible after freezing.

  • Large piece of meats that you can simply preserved into the freeze. Firstly, wrapped the meats with plastic wrap and put them into a freezer bag that should be thicker. Before freezing press the bag carefully and make sure should not have any air in this bag. After then freeze them.
  • In this way, you can also preserve your slices meats. But remember to get actual taste, flavor and texture you should wrapped them individually and stacked them in a plastic bag that normally we used to freeze foods.
  • Plastic grocery bag or aluminum foil helps to lessen freezer burn. If you want to freeze your pre-packaged meats firstly wrap the outer layer or this package with plastic grocery bag. Then press them and put them in the refrigerator.

Best Preservation Way of Lunch Meats

Here, also attach the preservation time for your concern that would help you most to preserve and consume.

#For unopened meats:

                                                     Freezer                                             Fridge

Fresh meat                                              1-2 Months                                                       3-5 Days

Cured meat                                             2 Months                                                           2 Weeks

Packaged meat                                      3 Months                                                           2 Months

#For opened meats:

                                                    Freezer                                              Fridge

Fresh meat                                              1-2 Months                                                       3-5 Days

Packaged meat                                       1-2 Months                                                       3-5 Days


Probably your lunch meat will deteriorate after this schedule life time. So, try to consume your lunch meats as soon as possible.

How Could You Choose a Healthier Lunch Meat?

When we choose food item for us like meats generally, we follow its freshness, flavor, packaging way and obviously its health benefits.

If you want to choose best lunch meats for you and feel some confusion, I have some tips for you that would help you to choose a healthier one.

  1. Fresh pre-packaged meats are best. Fresh slice meats are minimally processed and contain natural nitrates.
  2. Try to choose leanest cut meats like lean ham or roast beef, turkey, chicken breast etc.
  3. Must search low-sodium deli meats.

Some Benefits That Provide by Lunch Meat

Meat, an important source of protein. It’s a high nutritious food so consume that with moderation and avoid to eat regularly. As a healthy food bring several good things those are really helpful for our heath.

  • A great source of micronutrients like iron, zinc and vitamin-B.
  • Contain high-quality protein.
  • Contains a large amount sodium.
  • High in folate.

Benefits Of Lunch Meat

It has another benefit that is you can enjoy this meat in a different way that perhaps you can’t imagine.

YOU can enjoy your lunch meats with scrambles eggs, vegetables, mac and cheese, crackers, pasta, salad, pizzas and many other ways.

Final word:

Lunch meat, an amazing delicious food product that is very popular among the people of the world. You can enjoy this food in different ways with its health benefits if you consume that in a proper way.

But it’s not a long-lasting food product. Quickly attacked by bacteria. Because of its high sodium and water contents it gets slimy eventually. If you preserve them in a perfect way in the refrigerator, you could stay them for some days and sometimes for some months.

Try to consume this meat as soon as after purchase to get perfect taste and flavor. So, enjoy your lunch meats before get slimy.

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